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   Chapter 684 Purple Mystery (Part Two)

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"Let me see. Someone could have fooled you with a fake one." Their conversation had interested Belinda who approached to examine the ring. Leena sat between her and Daisy. Justin came to sit at Edward's right side and joke with Rain. However, Belinda's words made everyone zero in on Daisy's ring. Then they turned around to see a similar ring resting on Edward's finger.

"Edward, did you cut Purple Mystery and make it into the two rings?" Rain grasped Edward's hand to survey the ring. His eyes grew wide when he saw the violet diamond.

"Goodness! Isn't this the most precious treasure of the mine at B Country? I was told you refused to sell it last time, even when someone offered 500 million for it." Duke looked at Edward with confusion in his eyes. He was shocked Edward had cut the precious diamond into pieces.

"Yeah, it's Purple Mystery. Why? Can't I make a ring for my wife with it?" Edward asked, raising his eyebrow. If he could, he would bring down stars for her. A single violet diamond was no big deal.

"Of course you can! You're such a high roller, I'm impressed, " Rain spoke in awe. Edward had cut a diamond worth 500 million to make two rings. He truly didn't care about money when it came to his wife.

"He is! That's a pure violet diamond. It doesn't have a flaw. Do you have any idea how rare it is? Cutting it into pieces definitely damages its value." Duke still remembered how popular the diamond was when it was first discovered. Everybody wanted it. It ended up getting locked in a bank vault so it wouldn't go missing. Less than one year had passed since the incident, and now this high roller wore it on his finger. Wasn't Edward worried about theft?

"Is the diamond that expensive?" Daisy gaped at the diamond on her finger with curiosity. She knew nothing about jewelry. She hadn't known its worth.

"It's okay, it isn't that costly. Don't let what they said get to your head. Honey, you deserve even better, " Edward whispered in her ear. He didn't want these two nosy guys to disturb her.

"But..." Daisy looked at th


"Yes, it has almost healed. Thank you, Tom." Daisy bothered Tom all the time, and so always felt like thanking him.

"Anytime for you, Daisy. It is expected of me since we are friends, " Tom answered with an embarrassed smile. Daisy thanked him every time they met as if they weren't old friends used to mucking around and making fun. They were too close to say the words 'thank you'. He was unaccustomed to it.

"Daisy, did you hurt yourself again? Why didn't you tell us?" Belinda raised her voice upon hearing that Daisy had been hurt. She looked Daisy over to see where the wound was.

"Belinda, it's no big deal. My hand has already healed." Daisy flushed and hid her hand under the table. It was a minor wound. She was mortified at how everyone worried for her.

"How did that even happen? You should take care of yourself!" Anybody could tell Belinda cared deeply for Daisy.

"It wasn't Daisy's fault. It was Mary's. She was so foolish. We went to rescue her, but she didn't run. She just stood still and ended up being caught as a hostage." Leena had gotten to know Mary afterward and knew that she was Daisy's stepsister. Leena wasn't her fan.

"What? Why did you go to rescue her? Don't you remember how much trouble she has put you in?" Belinda was furious. Daisy had gotten hurt a lot because of Mary who stole everything Daisy had ever had.

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