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   Chapter 683 Purple Mystery (Part One)

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"You're such a little glutton. Let's go downstairs first and wait for your mother." Edward held Justin's hand and walked him downstairs. He would have picked his son up, but Daisy didn't allow it. She didn't want him to spoil their son.

It was rare to see Daisy in a pair of hot pants that put her tapered, long legs on display. The shorts paired well with a tight purple top that showed off her curvy figure. Daisy wore her black and shiny hair in a high bun. The new get-up was a great change from the cool demeanor that she normally exuded. She looked gorgeous.

Edward stared at his wife, stupefied. Daisy seemed like a stranger. He always knew that she had a great figure, but seeing her like this was making his blood pump.

"Why are you staring at me? Is something wrong?" Daisy felt uneasy under his steady gaze. She hastily looked herself over.

"No, nothing is wrong. It just seems to me that my beautiful wife can pull off anything." Edward smiled, cocking his eyebrows. He was happy to see his beloved look this stunning, but it annoyed him that other men would stare at her too.

"'Wasn't it you who bought me these clothes? Didn't you check if they were appropriate for me before you paid for them?" It was said that if a woman didn't change her styles constantly, her man would change his heart some day. However, Daisy was a smart woman and knew it didn't always do her good to stick to her dull style. She wanted to flaunt herself for a while and amaze her husband. It was Leena who put the idea into her head. As a fashion designer, Leena had inspiring ideas about how women should dress. Edward's reaction proved it.

"I imagined how you would look in them. I didn't expect you to actually wear the clothes." All her clothes were bought by Edward, but they were too casual for work. She mostly dressed in the military uniform. And while she loved wearing it, sometimes she felt like changing her style. Changes could turn out to be pleasantly surprising. Daisy enjoyed seeing herself in the new look. Edward had never expected Daisy to come out of her comfort zone. H

ld hardly stand Edward's behavior anymore. He was always anxious about Daisy, even around Leena, who wasn't a guy at all.

"Aunt Leena, where is Uncle Kevin?" After getting a severe scolding last time, Justin had begun to call her 'Aunt', even though he didn't want to.

"You little monkey, isn't it enough that you get to meet me? Why do you have to ask for Kevin?" Actually, Leena didn't know where Kevin was either. He had only told her that he was going abroad for a military exercise.

"Don't you meet me often? It's been a long time since I last saw him though." Justin frowned. He knew how Aunt Leena was. He had asked a simple question, but now she was looking at him grimly.

"I can't see him even though I live with him. How would you?" Leena explained as her heart stung. She shook her head, distracting herself from thinking about Kevin.

"What's wrong? Do you miss him? He should be back in half a month." Daisy patted her. It ached her heart to see Leena so upset. Daisy understood how hard it was to be a military officer. She didn't see her husband often either. A girl of Leena's age should be leading a more comfortable life. She should be hanging out with friends and hosting parties.

"No, I am not missing him at all. What a beautiful ring, though! Sis, did you get it from Edward?" Leena asked excitedly, noticing the shining, attractive ring on Daisy's finger.

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