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   Chapter 682 You Are Mine Only (Part Two)

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"I don't remember saying any of those flowery words. If I did say them, I must have been out of my mind. You would do well to forget them. It didn't mean anything." Duke broke free from her embrace and stood up swiftly. Rachel was nearly knocked to the floor as he steered away from her.

"Duke, the more you deny your feelings for me, the more it means you care. You just wait and see. I'll prove who is the ideal woman for you." Rachel watched him intensely, with her chin up.

"Whatever. Get out, " Duke spoke sternly. He wasn't interested in what she wanted. He wouldn't accept her, no matter what happened. He was sure about that.

"I won't give up." Things hadn't gone well in Duke's office. But Rachel felt that she still had a chance. Belinda couldn't hold a candle to her, Rachel believed. She was positive she could find something against Belinda that she could use.

"You won't get your wish. There's the door. You can leave on your own or I'll call security to escort you. Your choice." Duke grimaced, wondering if her barging into his office would be a common occurrence in the coming days.

"I won't give up until you come around." Rachel looked back at Duke again, before leaving reluctantly.

Duke closed his eyes and sighed. He wouldn't come around. That was as certain as the sunset. He was married and Rachel wasn't his type. She must be insane to think that Duke had any lingering feelings for her. If she persisted, all she'd get would be disappointment.

Duke sank back into his chair and was ready to resume his work when the phone rang. He picked it up immediately.

"Hello, Edward. Are you back?" Duke answered, remembering Belinda's joke that Edward was his boyfriend. He couldn't help but snicker. Only Belinda could come up with something so absurd. He didn't understand where she got that idea, he was definitely not gay.

"Yes, I came back yesterday.

y that. But if you want to jump to the conclusion, feel free." Daisy slipped from his embrace and walked slowly toward the bathroom. She felt more exhausted than usual after last night's sex. That man had too much energy.

Edward shook his head, walking toward the bedroom door, then he saw Justin rushing downstairs.

"Justin, slow down. Be careful. What's the hurry?" Edward frowned. He was going to look for him. There he was.

"Daddy, Uncle Luke and I are going to the taekwondo gym. You don't have any work for him today, right?" Justin asked as he smiled at Edward sweetly.

"Oh. You are going out with Luke! Does that mean you aren't going to the nice restaurant with your mom and me?" Edward sighed, pretending to feel pity for him. Justin was caught in a dilemma.

"Is there going to be good food? Can you reschedule it to tonight?" It was a hard choice between gym and the food. Both of them appealed to Justin.

"No, I can't. You'll have to choose one." Edward knew Justin would choose the restaurant. Food was his weakness.

"Give me a minute." Justin thought hard and arduously, as if it was a decision of life and death.. At long last, he made his crucial choice. "I'll go with you and mom. The taekwondo gym can wait until tomorrow."

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