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   Chapter 681 You Are Mine Only (Part One)

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The next morning Rachel turned up at Leng Group, dressed enticingly and with delicate make-up. She walked in with confidence, still surprised at the size of Leng Group. She regretted leaving Duke years ago. Instead of Belinda, it was she who could have been Mrs. Leng.

Rachel always got what she wanted. She was convinced that she would win Duke over in the end. Seeing the way Belinda dressed, Rachel thought she was no more than an ordinary clerk. She didn't consider Belinda to be a threat. As a graduate from a prestigious university, Rachel had once worked for a successful company as a senior executive. She was certain that in comparison to Belinda, she would make a much better assistant to Duke.

She looked at the exclusive elevator for the CEO with greed, and imagined that one day she would be the one riding on it. Before she knew it, she was moving toward it. She was about to walk into the elevator when a guard stopped her. "Excuse me, Miss. This elevator is for the CEO only. Please take another one." It was a weekend. During busy times employees were asked to work on weekends as well. The guard wasn't surprised to see Rachel in the office building. Even the CEO had gotten to the office much earlier.

"Oh! Thank you, I didn't notice." Rachel humbly thanked the guard for reminding her, but she cursed him mentally. When she became the CEO's wife, she would sack the guard first. The day before, she had gotten the information that Duke would be in office on the weekend. So she had come too.

Rachel didn't mind that he was married. He could get a divorce, which was very common these days. She would do everything in her power to get Duke back.

Although smaller than FX International, Leng Group was a well-known enterprise that ranked among the top three in the city. The building had a lavish decor.

Rachel took another elevator and arrived on the top floor where Duke's office was located. Realizing that he had been avoiding her, she racked her brains on how to get to him. Eventually she mana

y in the presence of people he didn't care about.

"Rachel, you're a hypocrite. Don't blame it on others. In your heart, money is everything. Don't make me speak harshly. I wasn't born yesterday, I can tell right from wrong." Duke wasn't moved by her pitiful expressions. Bygones were bygones. It was pointless to bring up the past.

"You still hate me for leaving, don't you? That means you still have feelings for me, right?" Rachel was a good performer. Her eyes were filled up with sadness.

"You are not worth hating, " Duke said in contempt. He didn't even want to waste energy hating her. How could he possibly have feelings for her?

"Why? Is it because of that woman? She's not the one who should stand beside you. I am! Don't you see that?" Rachel bit her lip with her teeth and decided to forego her dignity. She darted over to Duke and circled her arms around his waist. Pressing her face against his back, she breathed in his faint scent deeply.

"Go away. Don't make me say it again, " Duke warned her, recovering quickly. He was caught by surprise for a moment.

"No, I won't. You're mine, only mine. You once told me that you wanted to marry me, that you would have nobody else but me. Have you forgotten everything?" Rachel could feel the warmth of Duke's body and closed her eyes. She wished time could stop at that moment.

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