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   Chapter 680 Belinda And Duke (Part Three)

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"Shame on you..." Belinda stared at him angrily. It seemed that in terms of strength, women were always weaker than men. So in that area, she would always be at a disadvantage. It seemed that from the first day she saw this guy, she was in for some deep distress.

"In fact, I can do a more shameless thing. It totally depends on whether you are willing to cooperate or not..." Duke suddenly bent down, and pinched her chin evilly. His eyes stared at her eagerly.

"You... You can't. I'm not convenient these days." Belinda shivered. She unconsciously moved backward. She was very afraid of the kind of evil that she could sense from him.

"What do you think I'm going to do to you? Eh?" She did not expect that as cold as Duke was, he could behave so charming. She had a kind of impulse to run away from him.

"Shit, I am not you. How could I know? Anyway, don't get so close to me." She had never seen such a Duke before. In her heart, such charming looks could only be seen on Edward and Rain. Only those two evildoers could be like that in her opinion. But she did not think that Duke could be so evil too.

"Why, are you afraid?" Duke smiled evilly. He changed his cold expression and now became a little tender. He looked at Belinda gently. This gave her goosebumps all over.

"Yes, I am afraid of you. Is that Okay?" As the ancient saying goes, "Those who suit their actions to the times are wise." Belinda had no interest in exploring the unknown things. Because if she insisted in exploring them, she would be more tragic. What's more, now Duke was behaving abnormally. She felt she had been completely controlled by him.

"It's good.

to cook either. Her skills in cooking were terrible. She thought if someone asked her to cook, she could only play at it.

"Woman, don't you trust my cooking? In that case, don't drink it." Duke looked down at her. She felt really uncomfortable this time. If it were for another woman, he would definitely not do it on his own. Of course, other women did not include her sister, Leena. The reason why he went to learn cooking was also because of Leena.

"You are really a mean man. I am just kidding. I did not say that I won't drink it." Belinda rolled her eyes at him and then took the bowl to drink it. In fact, the reason why she would say so was that she was so moved by his gentle behavior. She did not want him to find that out. Therefore, she just found an excuse to cover it.

The tightened face of Duke finally eased down. He looked at her. After she finished drinking it, he took over the bowl from her. It was the first time for him to take care of a woman beside Leena. Therefore, something was really brewing in his heart. It was just that no one knew when it would all come out.

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