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   Chapter 679 Belinda And Duke (Part Two)

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Duke wore his pajamas. And immediately, he walked towards the study room. Usually, when she was not in the bedroom, she ought to be in the study room. But she was not there either. Therefore, he had to look for her in every room on the floor. However, she was nowhere to be seen. He felt nervous again in such a situation. He stood near the stairs to look for her downstairs. Then he looked upstairs. Leena's bedroom was upstairs. Did she run to her room? Anyway, he could know only after he went there and checked for himself.

Belinda sat on the bed, looking at Leena's picture leisurely. That girl was really lovely and sweet ever since she was a little child. No wonder these men who had been gathering together all the time liked her so much. It's not hard to see from the photo album that she was really a little princess and everyone liked her.

"What are you looking at?" Suddenly the husky male voice sounded in the room. The voice startled Belinda. After she found out that it was Duke, she felt relieved.

"Nothing, why did you come up here?" Belinda closed the photo album in front of her and looked at him angrily.

"Of course I come to find you. What else do you think I can do?" Even when Belinda treated him so bad, Duke did not get angry at all. He just took over the album in her hands and leafed through it casually. When he saw those pictures that were full of memories, a faint smile unconsciously appeared on his face.

"Do you also think that Leena was very cute when she was a child?" Duke asked. He just thought that everything in the picture seemed to have happened yesterday. But this little girl had long been out of his arms. Now she was in the arms of another man. He also did not know if that man would be able to protect her and keep her happy everyday just like him.

e carrying some object around?" Belinda did not know that Duke would suddenly do that. Therefore, she panicked and shouted at him.

"I don't mind if you go on shouting like this and attract the attention of all the people in the house." Duke patted on her ass, and scolded her in a low voice.

"Then you put me down first!" Belinda kept struggling. It did no good to her and he only tightened his grip on her.

"I will certainly put you down. But not now. So you just keep quiet right now." Duke slightly frowned. Why this woman could never be gentle? He had never seen her soften up to him. Except when she was excessively drunk the last time, that was the only one time she showed her pitiful side to Duke. She spent most of her time struggling.

"Duke, you are really a mean man." Belinda silently bit her teeth firmly. Her malicious eyes looked towards him. She hoped that she could directly kill him with her eyes.

"Thank you for all these praises. Sometimes, it takes a lot of energy to be mean to a woman." To her abuse, Duke always replied back casually. Quickly, they returned to their bedroom. Duke directly threw the little woman in his arms flat onto the middle of the big bed.

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