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   Chapter 678 Belinda And Duke (Part One)

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"Do you really have nothing to do with her? I remember that she is your first love!" Belinda said. Her tone was casual. But obviously, her words contained a kind of envy.

"First love? Perhaps even I don't know if what I had for her could be called love. There is no need for you to be worried about her, " Duke answered. He admitted that he really liked Rachel for a certain amount of time in the past. But now when he recalled that time, he thought it was just a period of ignorance while he was young. It was not really love. Otherwise, how could he have no feeling when he thought about her now?

"Now you are telling me that you don't even know whether what you felt for her was love or not. You have not yet understood your own thoughts. How can you expect me to understand you? After all, in her eyes, even though you got married to me, the woman you love so dearly will always be her, " Belinda said in a sarcastic tone. This was the first time for Belinda to fight with Duke. She just knew that she would be a traditional housewife who was so easy to believe in some idle reports about her husband. She always lived very free and easy. But today she realized that she was behaving strange and different from her usual behavior. This was really not her style.

"It's just her thoughts. This has nothing to do with me. I just need to remember who my wife is. I do not give a damn care about what other people think, " Duke answered. He laughed wantonly. He was not a man who would ever return to his old flame; especially to a woman who was so arrogant. It would make him lose all the appetite.

"It is very easy for you to say it in front of me now. But have you ever thought that she will work with you every day in the future. And can you promise that you will never recall the things that happened before and will not get attracted to her ever?" All right! Belinda admitted that she was a little petty this time. But it was the character that every woman owned, wasn't it? She was not a saint. Duke was her husband now. Therefore, she could not tolerate a woman like Rachel getting closer to her husband.

"I'll go to the company and fire her tomorrow. Is that okay? You should believe me now

e one who left him without a second thought. To tell the truth, Duke indeed was heartbroken about it. However, it was not because he loved her so much. Every person would have such a state of mind. After all, they had been together for such a long time. He did have some feelings for her. But surely, it wasn't love.

And this woman was quite ridiculous. He did not know how she was confident and felt that he still loved her and even worse, only loved her? He had to say that she was really presumptuous and opinionated. Did she think that there was only one woman left in this world? But even if she was the last woman in the world right now, he would not like to have any kind of involvement with her.

He rubbed his face with water, and then turned off the switch. He reached out his hand and picked up the bath towel on the side. Duke then wiped the water drops from his hair and face. After that, without further drying up the rest of his body, he walked out of the bedroom. His sharp eyes glanced across the room and he found out that Belinda was no longer in the room. Such a perception made him feel sad. He hurriedly walked out of the room without even wearing the clothes. But all of a sudden, an idea flashed through his brain. He came back to the room quickly. When he saw the briefcase still quietly lying on there, he finally calmed down. As long as her briefcase was still there, it showed that she did not leave. He thus didn't need to get too nervous.

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