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   Chapter 677 The Late Wedding Ring (Part Three)

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But the same night witnessed a quarrel in Duke's home. Belinda shut herself in the bedroom. She was grieved. For the first time in her life, she felt heart broken. She furrowed her brows and kept sighing from time to time. Although she had tried to suppress her fury, there was still a trace of it in her eyes.

"Belinda, please listen to my explanation. Will you? You have been locked in that room for a couple of hours now. Can you open the door please?" A hasty knock could be heard on the door. With it was Duke's voice that was filled with frustration.

A bitter smile broke across Belinda's face. What's the use of any explanation? Even if everything Duke explained was true, Rachel was already there, like a wedge between both of them. Rachel was like a bomb in Belinda's relationship with Duke. No matter how hard Belinda tried to avoid Rachel, she was doomed to face Rachel and there would always be a possibility of her losing Duke to Rachel.

"I really have no idea who recruited Rachel into the company. You know, I have entrusted the HR Department with the full authority to recruit. I never step in this matter." Duke leaned on the door frame in depression. He kept knocking the door time and again, although he was certain and fully aware that the stubborn woman inside would not open the door for him even if his fingers were broken from all the knocking. Duke felt regret now, and blamed himself for being careless in the process of recruitment. He should have himself conduct an interview with the person to be recruited. He had no idea who the person was before the contract was signed. Had Rachel not been there to deliver him the documents, he would not have known anything about it. But Rachel was really good at playing tricks. He never thought that she would be willing to give up her supremacy and work as a sales planner in his company.

Belinda felt heart-broken by Duke's words. She didn't care who had recruited Rachel into the company. But she did care that she saw her today. Moreover, she saw them in each other's arms. Duke once told her that he had broken up with Rachel and had nothing to do with her. But they still seemed to be on intimate terms. Be

oment of our own to calm ourselves down?" Belinda stared into Duke's eyes without fear. She didn't want to concede in front of Duke.

"Belinda, you don't have faith in me, or you don't have faith in yourself? Or you have fallen in love with me crazily?" Duke's tone was as cold as ice. His cool behavior could drive coldness down along the spine of anybody and was powerful enough to make anyone tremble. But Belinda was an exception. She was a proud woman who would never yield in face of any challenge, especially the overbearing attitude of Duke.

"Ridiculous! How can you make me have faith in you? And why should I fall in love with you?" Belinda was unwilling to admit that she was fascinated by Duke, although that was a fact. In Belinda's opinion, no matter how she felt about Duke, he was not her only choice. After all, she hadn't felt the sweetness between them that lovers should feel.

"If you don't love me, then why did you get mad at me? Whether you believe it or not, I knew nothing about Rachel's employment in the company until today. What happened today was just a misunderstanding, and you happened to be there when it all happened. You are smart, Belinda. Our relationship should not be affected by other people. We have nothing to do with her now!" A mocking smile emerged on Duke's lips. 'Rachel, don't let me know you planned all of this on purpose. Otherwise, you are doomed to have your consequences!" Duke thought to himself.

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