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   Chapter 676 The Late Wedding Ring (Part Two)

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"Then you can take a guess on how I answered." Suddenly, Daisy's aloof attitude changed and a teasing smile broke across her cold face. It must be fun to play a joke with Edward.

"I know how you answered, of course. There's no need to guess. You must have said you love your husband very much and you will die if your husband discards you." Though Edward spoke that as a joke, he indeed got the point.

"You are confident of my love toward you, aren't you? How can you be so sure that I will die without you?" Daisy didn't get angry. She just cast a glance at Edward and then lowered her head down. What mattered was not the conversation between her and Hero, but the things Edward said just now. Yes, she loved this man very much, with heart and soul. She loved Edward so much that she had no reason to refute his seemingly joking truth and his confidence in her love toward him.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Daisy. I got it wrong. I will die if you discard me. So, please close your eyes now. I have a gift for you." Edward never hid his love toward Daisy in front of her. He was willing to speak it out and show it whenever he got even a slightest chance. In Edward's opinion, there was no need to conceal the true feeling if you were truly in love with somebody. The right way was to follow your heart and love the one you wanted to love.

"What is it?" Daisy felt happy. She seldom received gifts from Edward before. Daisy was not a shallow woman who worshiped money, but she still expected some romantic gestures and surprises from her husband every now and then.

"Close your eyes now." Edward looked at Daisy with infinite tenderness and helped her close her eyes with his hand. Then he took out the tiny box from his pocket that he had been carrying around for the whole night.

Daisy followed Edward's instruction and closed her eyes. She bit her lip to smell Edward's jasmine scent that she was already very familiar with. Then she felt something cold being put on her ring finger. Her heart beat fastened and a thought struck in her head.

"All right, it's okay. Now, slowly open your eyes, Daisy." Edward raised Daisy's hand and kissed it. How he wished to put on that ring on Daisy's finger! It finally happened now! That ring represented their eternal love for each other, and would witness their love for each other until the end of th

moment. Edward increased the pace and length of his kisses to go deeper into Daisy's lip to enjoy the right exclusively owned by him.

Daisy fervently responded to Edward's crazy kisses. Her tiny fair hands were quick in undoing the buttons of Edward's black shirt, and her eyes were deeply looking into Edward's eyes. She didn't shift her glance even for a second. They were completely captivated by each other.

Sensing Daisy's passionate response, Edward's body was on fire. He placed his hand into Daisy's clothes to feel her smooth skin. The soft caress triggered the imagination of Daisy's sexy body in Edward's mind. He showered fervent kisses on every part of Daisy that he fancied in his mind. The beautiful neck, her charming collarbone, and the sexy chest...His sexual fire was ignited.

Everything went on perfectly. The air was filled with moans of pleasure. The night manifested its brilliant side in the darkness. Every single word was redundant in expressing the love between the lovers at this moment. The physical contact, the caress, and the kisses were the only things that were needed to quench their sexual thirst. With intoxicating pleasure, both Daisy and Edward started the night in which they solely belonged to each other... Daisy flushed under Edward's body. She felt extremely happy tonight. Both her love and marriage was perfect now. She caressed Edward's back with the fingers on one of which she was wearing the ring. It sparkled with every movement of Daisy and Edward. The moaning only intensified and got louder and louder.

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