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   Chapter 675 The Late Wedding Ring (Part One)

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Luke was sad to find that he was successfully trapped by this little child. Although, he had been serving Edward for a long time, he was still too clumsy to learn any of his tricks.

As the performance of new weapons was now over, Daisy finally got a chance to relax and unwind. It was rare for her to spend a night on anything other than her work. She began reading her favorite novel after she finished washing. Today was Friday. Since, weekend was around, Daisy's mood just got better. Since she had no burden of work or anything in general to worry about, Daisy freely enjoyed this precious leisure moment.

"Mommy, can I ask you for something, please?" said Justin with a flattering smile. Only Heaven knows when this little boy sneaked into the room.

"Go and take it! It's in the study." Daisy replied even before Justin could name the thing he was asking for. It must be the computer. As a mother, Daisy knew his son very well. Just a look at Justin's expression was enough for Daisy to know about his innermost desires. Justin had been abstained from using the computer for quite a few days. The punishment should get over now!

"Really? Mommy! Oh, I love you so much!" Daisy's amiable attitude was really beyond Justin's expectation. He felt so elated that he awarded his dear mother with a fervent kiss.

"But on one condition, Justin. Do no watch anything that is inappropriate for your age. Otherwise, not only will your computer be taken away but you will also be sent to the army base for a harsh training." Daisy put forth a cold face and said in a very serious tone. She never spared her love when Justin was in need of it. But she was not willing to spoil him. Daisy knew well when he must be instructed and directed. Kids must be properly educated. It might at times be harsh for a mother to toughen her heart in doing this, but Daisy was clear she must do it to prevent his son from repeating the same mistakes time and again.

"Hmm...Yeah! Thank you, Mommy! I'll get it." Justin rejoiced and yelled. There were many games developed by him in his computer. The game development had been suspended for many days since his computer was taken away by Daisy. Now, Justin could resume it at last. He hated to sit idle and have nothing to do all day long. He must engage himself in something, and the game development was always his favorite.

"Go ahead! But don't play on the computer too much." Daisy believed that Justin was capable of controlling himself. He had

ore freedom when it is time to foster their independence.

"I have to accept the reality even though I still feel worried about Justin. Anyway, I cannot enforce him to do things against his wish! Well, there's another thing I want to tell you, Edward. I went to see Hero a couple of days ago, because he wanted to see me." Daisy looked into Edward's face and observed his reaction. Her face tautened with nervousness when she told this to Edward. She was afraid that Edward might get angry again.

"Oh? Then what did he say? Edward flashed a gentle smile to comfort Daisy. Actually, Hero was indeed the type of man who deserved his respect. But it was a pity that Hero fell in love with Daisy. He should have never fallen in love with his wife. In Edward's opinion, he was the only man who had the right to love Daisy and have her love back. No other man was allowed to love Daisy, not even in his dreams.

"Do you mind it?" Daisy looked into Edward's eyes. She was eager to dig the truth from Edward's eyes. But they were so calm and unchanged that not even a slightest hint was revealed.

"No. I'm not interested in what he said. What I do mind is how you answered his questions. Obviously, I've known what I want to know." Edward had faith in Daisy. He knew how Daisy felt about him, and was fully aware of her love toward him. No matter how honey-lipped Hero was, Daisy would never change her attitude toward him. Edward was certain that he was the only man who Daisy loved. It was impossible for her to fall in love with another man. Daisy's love made him feel confident and bestowed him with fatal weapons to defeat all his potential love rivals.

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