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   Chapter 674 Family Dinner (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6133

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"How about waiting until tonight? We can get in bed and you can clearly see if I am okay or not. What do you say, honey?" Edward whispered in Daisy's ear. Daisy blushed and got red instantly. She looked up at Edward and gave him a hard stare. To her surprise, Edward didn't seem to be bothered at all. He kept that flirty smile on his handsome face and looked back at Daisy daringly. Daisy was amazed by the way her husband didn't feel ashamed at all after implying intimacy even when people were around them. Though other people might not have heard them because they were speaking in very low voices, Daisy still felt really embarrassed. She felt as if she had done something really bad.

"Daddy, what did you just say to mommy? Her face looks so red!" asked Justin curiously. Back when he and his mother stayed at the army base, there were only two of them who ate together. Sometimes Kevin and Mark would join them, but it was never like this. Today, having dinner at a big table with all his family members around was indeed very new and exciting for him. He felt immensely happy and cherished every minute of it.

"Do you really want to know what I said to your mommy?" asked Edward, grinning wickedly at Justin. His message of 'Keep Off or Else' was so evident that Justin instantly realized that he should stop probing any further.

"No, no. I think I'll pass, " replied Justin hurriedly. The look on his father's face made it clear that he didn't want him to make a topic out of his little talk with his mother. Even though Justin was a little curious, he wouldn't dare to mess up with his father. As a famous expression warned, curiosity killed the cat. He thought he might as well behave himself for the moment.

'Astute observation and quick response. That's my boy!' mused Edward to himself. He was glad to see that his

uncle hated the soup and would sooner or later make some unwise remarks on it and he could use that against him. He just didn't expect that this moment would come so soon.

"Hold on! All right, I will take you to the taekwondo kwan tomorrow if your dad doesn't have any special plans for me. But first, we have to make a deal. We are only staying there for a couple of hours, not the whole day, okay?" Luke admitted defeat. He grabbed Justin as he was about to walk away, and gave in to his threat. Luke knew Justin always tended to get too excited when he went to a taekwondo kwan, so he thought it was better to set some rules before taking him there.

"Deal! I am glad we worked this out. And I am sure my father won't have any problems with it." Justin was overjoyed by his small victory. He was confident that his father wouldn't have time to make plans for him tomorrow. Because his father would be busy tonight, and after this long trip, he would be needing more than one night to spend alone with his dear wife. Justin was aware that grown-ups had needs. As to how he found out about that, well, let's just say he wanted to keep it a secret, or there would be more rules and restrictions on him from his mother.

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