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   Chapter 673 Family Dinner (Part Two)

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"Are you here to laugh at me?" said Daisy, rolling her eyes. The bright smile on Edward's face, which she used to love so much, didn't seem to be very attractive to her today.

"No, mother asked me to come here and make sure that you have every drop of this soup. Hahaha." As Edward said this, he put his hand around Daisy's waist and pulled her closer to him. He was a little surprised to know that his fearless wife could be scared of having herbal soup. And he couldn't help but wonder what her soldiers would think of her if they found out about this weak spot of hers.

"I don't need your supervision. It's just a bowl of soup. Not a big deal for me." Finishing her words, Daisy took the bowl, closed her eyes and drank off the soup in one big gulp. Though it was done quickly, the taste of the soup lingered in her throat and made her want to vomit it all out. Just as she was about to push Edward away and find a bucket, she felt Edward's lips pressing against hers. Slowly, he grazed his teeth over her lips which soon drove away her nausea.

"Tastes not bad at all, " commented Edward, as he withdrew from the kiss and licked his own lips. Daisy was standing there speechless. Edward just took advantage of her yet made it sound like he was doing her a favor. She wanted to scold him, but seeing his gorgeous face, especially with that playful, yet dazzling smile on it, she just couldn't help but fall for him yet again.

"Edward, I just found another trait of yours, " Daisy said seriously, with a flicker of mystery and mockery in her eyes.

"Really? You are finally seeing something nice in me? What is it?" Hearing Daisy give him a compliment greatly boosted Edward's confidence. He was already feeling heady and euphoric.

"You are thick-skinned. Seriously, you are the most thick-skinned person I know, " said Daisy, raising her eyebrows. Then she skilfully slipped out of his arms, as she had done lots of times in the past, and walked briskly past him and headed back to the living room.

It was Edward's turn to be in shock now. Rubbing his chin, he mused, 'She just set a trap for me without me even seeing through it. Nice move! But wait until tonight to see who is the boss here, and

oup; it never occurred to her that Edward might also be injured and have wounds that couldn't be seen right now.

"Everybody calm down. I am sorry but it's only Luke who got hurt. Nothing bad happened to me. I promise! And mother, please don't call me Eddie, it gives me goose bumps. You can call Luke by his nickname, but not me, all right?" said Edward impatiently, ignoring all the concerned looks from other people at the table. He tried to divert everyone's attention back to Luke.

"What were you doing? You didn't just stand there and let other people hurt Lukie, did you? Can't you see how badly he is hurt? You really have the nerve to say that you didn't get hurt even a bit?" Though Luke was only her adopted son, Cynthia treated him just like Edward. So, when she heard that Luke got injured while Edward was safe and sound, she wrongly assumed that Edward hadn't been watching out for his brother, or at least he didn't do a good job at it.

"Are you serious, mother? Do you really want to see me get hurt too, so that Luke won't be the only one?" Edward found it a little hard to understand the way his mother saw things. But apart from judging that in his head, he didn't really make an effort to defend himself. He wasn't hurt, and it was a fact that couldn't be changed.

"You sure you are okay?" Daisy asked again in a low voice, checking Edward up and down anxiously. Though she heard him tell everyone that he was all right, she was still worried.

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