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   Chapter 672 Family Dinner (Part One)

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"Is everything all right with you?" asked Jonathan as soon as he saw Edward entering the house. Though his men had already informed him that both Edward and Luke were safe, he still couldn't be sure of it. He might not have noticed it but it was evident that he was unable to take his eyes off his son ever since he came back. This wasn't his usual self. Jonathan too wasn't used to behaving like this.

"Luke has got a few injuries, but we are all right, " replied Edward, putting down Justin. He then walked toward his father and sat down. He always wondered how his father managed to look this young even after all these years. It seemed like ages had forgotten to leave any traces on him. If they ever walked on the street side by side, nobody would believe that they were actually father and son.

"That's good. Next time you go abroad, always remember to keep your guard up in order to avoid getting into a dangerous situation like this one." Just like any other parent in the world, Jonathan too was genuinely worried about his son's safety every time he got out of his sight.

"Yes, father. I have learnt my lesson well this time. And I promise it won't happen again." Now that he had the time to reflect on what just happened back in B Country, Edward admitted that, to a large extent, it was because he had underestimated his opponents that he and Luke were ambushed. Though he felt a little embarrassed to still need his father's help at this age, he was thankful that everyone around him was safe at this moment.

Standing just a few steps away, Daisy was furrowing her brows. She heard them talk, and was wondering why Edward didn't tell her what had happened to him while apparently his father knew it all. From their conversation she understood that something very critical had happened when Edward and Luke were in B Country, and that they had asked Jonathan for help. It must be very serious. Luke's injures confirmed her speculation.

"Daisy, sweetheart. Is everything all right? I called you several times but you didn't seem to hear me, " Cynthia said, waving her hand in front of Daisy. She was a little worried to see Daisy not saying anything but standing in the center of the living room. She looked completely lost in her thoughts.

"Oh, I'm sorry, mother. I was absentminded. Were you asking me of anything? Do you need any help?" Daisy replied, as she immediately gathered her thoughts and tried to force a smile.

"No. I was just checking on you. You have been standing here still for a while. You look tired. Is

ormous attention from Cynthia. She hoped that Mary had learnt her lessons and would stop messing up with her in the future.

"Do have some of the soup, Mrs. Mu. Your mother-in-law has spent the whole afternoon preparing it, " Mrs. Wu said while looking at Daisy with tenderness in her eyes. She knew that Cynthia never really cooked, but for the soup, she had put in a lot of effort.

"Do I have to finish all of this?" asked Daisy nervously. There was a whole pot of it on the counter, and the thought of having to finish it all made her want to run away from here.

"Of course not. A small bowl of it will be enough. This is the first time she has cooked this kind of soup. She accidentally added too much water to it. Though it smells weird, it's not as horrible as you think it would be. Don't worry, just drink it up, " said Mrs. Wu with a reassuring smile. Despite being a little amused, Mrs. Wu was also touched by Cynthia's gesture of preparing this soup for Daisy. Cynthia didn't have any daughter of her own, but she always took care of Daisy as her own daughter.

"Thank God!" murmured Daisy to herself. It was quite a relief to know that she only had to drink a tiny bit of the soup. 'One large gulp will do, ' she thought.

"Don't be such a coward and drink the soup already, will you?" Edward said teasingly, as he leaned against the door frame.

"Mr. Mu, " Mrs. Wu greeted Edward with a smile and then stepped out of the kitchen to leave the two lovebirds alone.

Nodding his head as a reply, Edward waited until Mrs. Wu went out of the kitchen. He then walked up to Daisy. Edward was seemingly worried about her so he excused himself from the living room and came here.

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