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   Chapter 671 Back Home (Part Two)

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"I'm good. Are you feeling wronged?" Edward asked in a low voice as he kept lying on her leg. She could sense that he was still tired from his tone.

"No, I'm not. I was just too naive in the past. I thought I had the right to use my body without caring about anyone else's feelings. I was wrong. I'm not alone. Many people love me and care about me. I should take better care of myself for them."

Bitterness welled up in her mind when she said this. As a soldier, she had to do some things not out of her own free will. Though she was self-reviewing her acts, she was unable to change this situation. Many friends advised her to give up on her position as a soldier. However, being a soldier was not only a work for her, but a kind of affirmation to her life. She had tried really hard and put his heart and soul into achieving her goal. She still remembered the joy when her goal came true.

"Nice self-review." Edward touched her soft lips. He knew it was unavoidable for her to get hurt as a soldier, but he had no option but to accept it. This was perhaps the sorrow of being the husband of a soldier. He couldn't stand the frustration of not being able to help his wife.

"Are you still mad at me?" Anxiously, Daisy bit her lower lip. She had always been firm and unyielding and would never succumb to anyone. But now, she gave in to Edward in such a manner. She didn't feel embarrassed at all, rather she felt a gush of sweetness. He loved her, and that's why he was worried about her safety.

"Uh-huh." Edward grinned. What a silly woman she was! If he still was mad at her, he would not be sitting here talking to her in a calm mood. Since she didn't want him to be upset, he decided to pretend to be angry to see what she was going to do to make him happy.

Daisy bit her lower lip for a moment and finally made a decision. She bent down slowly and pressed her soft lips right on his. Kissing his cold lips, she calmed down and felt at ease. The very first moment she saw him today after being apart for a couple of days, all she wanted to do was to kiss him and tell him how much she missed him.

Looking at h

that. I'm not fat at all! I was so stupid to take your words seriously at the beginning. It seems that you not only make fun of outsiders, but also make fun of your own son!' Justin thought to himself.

"Come on, you are talking nonsense! I never said that. Honey, don't listen to him. He is trying to frame me." Edward turned to Daisy and gave her a flattering smile. Then he cast a warning glance at Justin.

"You said I was a monkey. Does it mean my mom is a female money?" Justin smiled slyly and wanted to know how Edward would explain this to Daisy.

"I also said you looked like a panda. Does it mean your mom is a female panda?" Edward knocked on Justin's head. How dare he call Daisy a female monkey?

"Look! You just admitted that. You not only said mom was a monkey, but also called her a panda." As the saying goes, "Eagles do not breed doves." Edward's son was as cunning as him.

"Right. I treat your mom as a panda. Don't you know, the panda is known to be a national treasure. You are just a monkey, and nothing comparable to a panda." Edward pinched Justin's nose and thought, 'You are too young to set up a trap for me now.'

Staring at Edward and Justin, Daisy smiled and said nothing. She wouldn't take any side; otherwise, the other side would blame her for being partial. She also wanted to know who would win this game. Anyway, both of them were the most important people in her life.

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