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   Chapter 670 Back Home (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7500

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"I know there are several things that you can not understand right now. For instance, why wasn't I on Daisy and Justin's side in the past few years? But to tell you the truth, I cherish the present and the future. I believe we will live a happy life in the coming years. On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you all for your concern and support. That's all, thank you!"

After saying this, Edward made a deep bow. The soldiers present responded with thunderous applause. Let bygones be bygones. After all, the present and the future were more important than the past. However, some people didn't understand this simple truth and buried themselves in their miserable past. In this manner, they not only made themselves but also others miserable.

Daisy let her eyes settle upon him with a sweet delight drifting along her body. Her lips moved as if she was trying to say something. There was no sweet talk, but rather a plain language. However, she was deeply moved by him. She was still immersed in a kind of joy after she heard his speech.

She didn't care about other additional factors like appearance, family background, etc. All she wanted was just pure love. As long as she loved him, she didn't care about whether he was rich or poor.

She knew she was not perfect, and she was not the kind of woman who men found attractive. She couldn't believe the fact that Edward fell in love with her. But the longer they stayed with each other, the more she trusted him. He proved his sincerity and love with practical actions. He valued her above his life!

"You... Are you still angry at me?" Daisy stammered as she looked at his handsome face, disturbed. His eyes were shut and he didn't respond. Even though he just showed his love for her in public, he was still at odds with her.

"I know you are mad at me because I hurt my hand. But it's a tiny wound, really. It's actually less severe than you think. So please don't worry about me." She was grateful that Luke arranged a caravan for them. Her soldiers were not able to see how embarrassed she was at this moment.

"Are you really concerned about the way I feel?" Edward opened his eyes and coldly stared at the face he had been thinking about all this while.

"I'm so

ossy man he used to be. The reason that she accepted his tyranny was simple: she loved him.

She sighed as she moved away a little and lay his head on her leg. They were quite away from home. She decided to let him take a good rest before reaching home.

Actually Edward did not plan to take a nap. He just closed his eyes in order to not argue with her anymore. But now he felt a little sleepy with her movements. Surrounded by familiar smell, he fell asleep quickly. After all, he hadn't had a good sleep for several days.

When they reached the downtown area, the sunset glow tinted the sky red. It was a rush hour, so unfortunately, there was a traffic jam. Daisy had been seldom trapped in traffic jams before. She always went home from the military base late. When she arrived at the downtown, it would be evening and there would not be any traffic jam.

"Are we home?" Edward opened his eyes and looked at Daisy in the eye. He was reluctant to admit that he might go soft on her again this time.

"Not yet. We are trapped in a traffic jam. Why don't you sleep for a few more minutes?" She played with his short hair softly, feeling guilty. She thought about all the things over all the way. She did behave totally unconcerned about many things, especially about his feelings. She never really took his feelings seriously in the past. He was an exceptional and proud man with a high self-esteem. No wonder he lost his temper when she showcased an indifferent attitude towards him.

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