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   Chapter 669 Edward Is Back (Part Two)

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"I can't agree with you more. A smiling and funny Daisy will be much closer to our soldiers, " said another officer. All of a sudden, they seemed to have forgotten the lecture, and became thoroughly interested in Daisy and her husband, Edward.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation. But I hope that Daisy can love me much more than her soldiers." 'Are you guys kidding me? I hate you for staring at my wife. Don't you dare think that you can touch her, " thought Edward to himself darkly.

"Haha... Edward, I never thought that you could be so sentimental. Daisy, you better watch out, otherwise your husband will be really jealous, " said the Commander. He roared with laughter, which successfully drew the attention of all those soldiers sitting in the hall.

"I should apologize again. I'm pretty serious about loving my wife. No offence, " said Edward. However, he didn't look very apologetic. Loving and protecting his beloved wife wasn't embarrassing at all to him. Other people's judgments didn't worry him, since he couldn't love Daisy more and would do anything for her at any costs.

"None taken. We know your love stories and your duties as a responsible husband. Besides, we really appreciate your company's support for the army. So, thank you for everything that you have done for us." The Commander nodded in approval. He felt content to see Daisy have a husband who really loved her.

"You're welcome. We have indeed done very little for you, " answered Edward politely. Edward always maintained a low profile in this respect, so he rarely got smug, which made him different from many other businessmen.

"Well, Since Colonel Ouyang is done with her lecture, the rest of the work can be finished by others. So, Daisy, go and show Mr. Mu around. Your presence here isn't required right now. But don't forget to make a speech on the stage in a while." The Commander knew that Edward just got off the plane so he needed some time alone with his wife. Young people always cherished those sweet private moments. The Commander and his peers were reluctant to come in between them, so they chose to leave them alone.

"I appreciate your kindness, Commander. See you later, " answered Edward cheerfully. Edward appreciated the Commander's understanding, since he urgently needed to know how his wife got hurt again.

"Alright, let's go and leave them alone. They can enjoy some fun when we're away, " said th

nce that the performance of the new weapons is now over. Next, let's all welcome our sponsor of these equipment, the CEO of FX International Group, Edward Mu to make a speech." As soon as the Commander stopped, the thunderous applause was heard in the hall.

"Hello, comrades, I appreciate what you have done for our country. Your commitments and sacrifices are making you great soldiers. Thank you for your services." Edward stopped, he then turned to look at Daisy, and continued.

"Now I'm going to cut the long story short and come straight to the point. If I have guessed it right, some of you are more curious about my relationship with Daisy than anything else." Edward's eyes ran down the soldiers sitting off stage. He thought that some of them had never met him, although he had been here once in the past. Probably, this is why they were continually looking at him ever since he entered the hall.

"Are you interested in Daisy's private life? I know a lot of you people have made all kinds of assumptions about her. Now, let me tell you something. As you just saw, I have established a really delicate relationship with Daisy, because I'm her husband."

With Edward's those astonishing words, the audience roared in surprise. A few moments later, they all calmed down, and shot curious glances at Daisy. Now it was clear why Daisy never came out in public about her marriage before. Her husband was not any ordinary man. But, something must be wrong here. If she did have a husband who happened to be the CEO of an international company, why did she still live a lonely life with her son all those years?

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