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   Chapter 668 Edward Is Back (Part One)

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The minutes ticked past and the new weapons were undergoing trials. Since all of those were high-end weapons for the army, some of them couldn't be tested at the scene, and their functions and performances had to be demonstrated by a lecturer, who was none other than Daisy.

"Now, you're looking at the newly-manufactured armored vehicle with brand-new radars. It is equipped with world's leading navigation system, positioning system, electronic system and digital command system. As a result, its capabilities in navigation, positioning and filtering friendly forces from enemies have been greatly improved. It can deal with two objects at the same time both during the night and in the daytime. The digital command and control system provides the real-time data link between the vehicle and the headquarters, "

Daisy lectured on the vehicle's performance in a confident, smooth and brief manner. It turned out that she did well in the army. Edward now thought more of her. However, he didn't come over to her. On the contrary, he stood there quiet, and stared at the charming Daisy with admiration and happiness. He was really proud of her.

"Now, let's move on to a main battle tank. It can fire while it moves. This one is capable of destroying its enemies from over 4.5 miles away. It can accurately fix positions on its enemies on the battlefield and deliver dialogues at any time. Besides, it can hardly be penetrated by any shell. It's known to be the best tank you can get in the world."

Although Daisy was stared at by a massive crowd, she got really excited to lecture on the weapons,. She seemed to have forgotten everything, including herself. Only those weapons mattered to her at the moment. However, she felt a hot glance lingering on her. But she didn't dare to let herself be distracted by it and make any mistake in front of all those superiors.

Edward had never seen Daisy that way. She confidently demonstrated her rich military knowledge and spoke with fervor and assurance. Edward knew Daisy love her job. This was why, despite his worries over all the following years, he never asked Daisy to give up her sacred career as a soldier.

"Mr. Mu, Mrs. Mu is awesome. She's really good at expounding on the performance of those equipment in details." Luke rarely had any words in praise of a woman. However, at that moment, he did speak highly of Daisy.

"Of course, my wife's indeed awesome, isn't she?" said Edward cheerfully. His mouth twitched slightly and then he smiled. He just coul

itched. He found the entire scene funny. He was wondering why Daisy would play with him. Was it because Daisy had developed some of Edward's traits after living with him for so long? But how come he hadn't been deeply affected by his master yet? Luke wondered.

"Are you..." asked the Commander in bewilderment. He got confused by this couple exchanging courtesies formally, like two strangers.

"Well, I just said hello to Colonel Ouyang, " explained Edward absent-mindedly. His attention was drawn by something else now. He had only been away for a couple of days. However, Daisy got injured again. It seemed that she never listened to him carefully.

"I get it. You two have a special way to be together, " said the Army Commander amusingly after he heard the manner in which Edward talked to Daisy.

"Sorry, Army Commander." In moments like this, Edward tended to show his other side of macho bravado and become very considerate, defending Daisy who already felt very embarrassed. Thus, he had to drop his thought of playing with his wife in front of so many soldiers.

"You don't need to apologize. Young people are supposed to have fun. However, Colonel Ouyang really surprised us by being so energetic and funny, " said the Army Commander amiably. He stared at Daisy and mused on that charming Daisy who had always been a cool and aloof girl and would only display her affection sometimes.

"You're right. As far as I'm concerned, Daisy's always serious. It's good to see her solemn face break into a smile, for a change, " said the Commander, echoing the Army Commander's words. Then, the topic returned to Daisy again, which brought a warm flush to her face.

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