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   Chapter 667 The Power Of The Mayfly (Part Three)

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"Mr. Mu, our leader said that for this plan, you can cooperate with the Mayfly. In this case, you don't have to spend anymore time and money on this. We can help you lead all these onto the right track." The man told Edward the latest order he received from his leader. Now, his suspicion relating to Edward's identity was intensified. He knew, Mayfly, wouldn't gain anything out of this cooperation. Despite knowing all this, his leader was determined to participate in it. All these things confused him further.

"What? Cooperate with you?" Edward also felt very surprised at their offer. He didn't understand what his father wanted from this.

"Yes, with us. Our leader meant it." Although the man was quite confused himself, he didn't dare to question the decision of his leader. So he just did as he was told by him.

"How about this? I will just call him first and discuss it directly with him." After saying these words, Edward took out his phone and started walking towards his guest room. He had to think it through very carefully. Although the Mayfly was a group that was just and wicked at the same time, it still had its side of gangdom. Did he really want FX International Group to cooperate with The Mayfly? In this case, FX International Group would be pushed into another situation by him, and that was not the kind of result he wished to see.

"Hey! Dad, can you explain to me what is going on in your mind?" Edward didn't have any doubt. He knew for a fact that his father was spying on everything that was happening around him, or else he would not know every detail related to the deal this fast.

"Aren't you unfamiliar with B Country? So I'm just leading the way for you at the moment. Of course, the Mayfly won't participate in your cooperation, so don't you worry about that. I'm merely helping you to get on the right track, that's all. So be re

ords not only to comfort the commander, but also to console herself. After all, her previous night was spent in consistent worry and insomnia yet again.

"Haha! After hearing your words, I'm much more relaxed. Now, I'm going to say hello to the leaders of the army group. You can get back to your work!" After finishing his sentence, the commander made his way to the rostrum. But his joyous laugh made Daisy feel a little uneasy.

Taking a deep breath, Daisy took out her phone from her pocket. Staring at the phone in her hand, she gently bit her lip and thought for a little while. In the end, she still couldn't help but dial the number she had been thinking about. But right at this moment when she was about to move the phone to her ear, someone called her name. So she had to hang up in an instant and run to the place where she was needed.

And at the same time, in front of the international airport of the S City, a handsome man looked at the phone that only rang once before hanging up. His eyes were full of puzzle and worry. But in the end, he didn't say a word, instead he got in the Lamborghini that had stopped in front of him. He left the airport immediately to go to the army base where Daisy and others were waiting for him.

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