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   Chapter 666 The Power Of The Mayfly (Part Two)

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"Do you really think that you can walk out of here alive?" Joseph didn't expect that the people Edward brought with him would be this good. This did leave him a little shocked for a moment. But once he thought of the killers he had brought with him in advance, he became arrogant all over again.

"Yes, of course. As long as I want to, I'll definitely walk out of this room unscathed." Edward sneered at Joseph's words. He was certain that the helpers that his father sent were definitely very good, so he didn't worry if they would be trapped here.

"You can try with all your might." Joseph put down the gun that he pointed at Edward and lightly clapped his hands several times. Then all of a sudden, a lot of men dressed in black swarmed in the room. All of them seemed to be very well equipped and trained.

"Joseph, right? Do you want to have a bet with me? To see if we can get out of here in one piece or not." The man that pointed his gun at Joseph also put his gun away, and glanced at these men in black in disdain. In his opinion, these men were just some roughnecks, and it was a piece of cake to take them down.

"Why would I bet with you? There's no point in that. We all can see clearly who has got the upper hand." Joseph looked at him in suspicion, and right at this moment, his eyes suddenly widened in surprise. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. All of a sudden, a look of utter fear appeared all over his face.

"It seems that you finally have an idea of who we are. In this case, do you still think that you have any chance to win?" The man lowered his voice on purpose. He was aware that Joseph saw the badge he intentionally revealed to him. On seeing the badge, Joseph got really scared.

Edward looked at the change of expression on Joseph's

n effort? In fact, he was just a father who was worried about his own son. So in case anything happened, he had to send his best men in order to protect his son.

Edward didn't expect this would turn out like this. He was not only surprised but also very delighted with the way things turned out to be. But thinking about the next plan of action, he felt a little sad once again. He knew it was not easy to find a new company to cooperate, and it surely would take some time.

"Mr. Mu, are we going to look for a new partner?" As soom as they were back in the hotel, Luke hesitantly asked Edward. He, too, was not very familiar with B Country. He didn't know much about it except that this country was among the 10 countries that abounded in diamonds. Besides that, he didn't have any crucial information about this country or the people here.

"Yes, we are. But I have to go back to the S City today, so for now, this plan has to be postponed." After saying these words, Edward slightly frowned. Because from here to S City, it would take him at least 20 hours, even by plane. So if he wanted to make it to the new weapon performance in the army base, he had to leave right away.

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