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   Chapter 665 The Power Of The Mayfly (Part One)

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"I'll just ask you one thing, if you were me, would you sign a contract like this?" Edward didn't answer his question, instead, he returned a question to him. His gorgeous face now looked stone-cold. Did Joseph really think of him as a dumb schmuck who would do as he was told?

"I always thought that you, Mr. Mu, was a man who knew what was best for him, but now, it seems that I was wrong. I was overestimating your intelligence." Although Joseph knew that the FX International Group was a very powerful and strong company, he still paid no heed to it. He believed that the influence of this big company was within its own country, not here in the B country. So he didn't have anything to worry about.

"Don't flatter me too much. After all, I'm just an ordinary person in front of you." Edward remained calm. He even picked up the cup of coffee placed on the table and gracefully took a sip from it. Then he raised his head and looked straight into the defiant eyes of Joseph. A playful smirk stayed on Edward's face all this time, making him seem sexier and more enticing than ever. Even Joseph who was a male chauvinist, was dumbstruck by his sheer beauty. He couldn't take his eyes off him for a while.

"Are you really sure that I am going to compromise on this matter?" Joseph snorted in front of Edward's face. He then stopped staring at his charming face and looked somewhere else. He didn't bother to hide his ambitions at all.

"But I'm not the kind of person to compromise that easily. As for the mining base, I can give you 20% of the profits at most. But if you want half of the profits, then sorry, I can't help you." The reason why Edward was ready to give them 20% of the profits was because he still wanted to use their influence in the local area. If he could successfully get their support, other companies wouldn't dare to cast their greedy eyes on the mining base, thereby indirectly making them safer in this place.

"I can't help but wonder, why are you so confident that I will accept a cooperation plan like this?" Joseph threw the same question back at Edward. 20% of the profits, was this a joke? Did Edward consider him a beggar? In this case, why in hell did them put in a lo


"Haha! Are you not afraid that we will take the complete mining base?" Now that the gloves had already come off, Joseph didn't have to pretend to be nice and hide back his real ambition anymore.

"You? To be honest, you really don't have the game." Edward didn't plan to be vague with him anymore, so he directly showed his disdain for him.

"It's not you who can decide whether I have the game or not, it only depends on the gun in my hand." As soon as he finished his words, Joseph took out his gun and pointed it directly at Edward. And at the same time, there was also a gun pointing at Joseph's forehead in the blink of an eye. The entire move was so fast.

"I thought that 20% of the profits would be enough for you to hide your ambitions. But it seems that I was awfully wrong. You are indeed insatiable. You want more than I can give. In this case, I guess that we can't continue our cooperation anymore. So now, let me tell you, the cooperation between FX International Group and KG ends right now." Originally, Edward wanted to choose the easiest way to solve this problem, and then hurry back to the S City as soon as possible. But he didn't expect Joseph to be this awfully difficult to communicate. It seemed that he really had to look for a new partner to cooperate with in order to prevent any more problems from happening in the future. Even though this would take a lot more time and money, it was still better than being restrained by others.

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