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   Chapter 664 The Commander's Daughter (Part Two)

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"Miss Ye, goodbye." Even though Louisa had just been so rude to her, Daisy said goodbye to her politely. No matter whether Louisa was polite to her or not, Daisy would always display her grace and self-cultivation in front of people.

"Bye!" Although Louisa hated that her father compared her to Daisy, she reluctantly said goodbye to Daisy to show her maturity. And then, she turned her back with her lips curled in disdain. Louisa thought she could meet Kevin in the military base, but he was not here. 'It's okay that I can't see him here, but why did Dad have to compare me with that poor solider. That is really annoying!" Daisy thought.

"You see that? That's her. My daughter. She is really annoying me." The commander shook his head helplessly. Although he was really good at leading soldiers to fight, he couldn't teach his own daughter well.

"Young people are all the same. Don't be angry. she will be mature in a few years. I used to be like that too." As they spoke, they walked towards the office building. Daisy looked so calm, which was her usual expression in the military base.

"Nonsense! She can't be compared to you. You are so much better than her. Everyone but you will be angry at the rudeness she portrayed just now." The commander heaved a deep sigh. He thought to himself, 'It's all my fault. If I had cared more about Louisa, she wouldn't have turned out like this.'

"Don't say that. Girls are always wayward. I can be capricious sometimes." Daisy was speaking the truth. she blushed at the thought of acting like a little woman in front of Edward.

"Really? Our Colonel Ouyang would be capricious? That' so strange. How come I haven't seen the wayward Colonel Ouyang? " The commander certainly knew when Daisy would be wayward, but he couldn't help but make fun of Daisy. He thought, 'it would be nice if my daughter could be as sensible as Daisy!'

"Commander... I have to leave for the office now." Daisy blushed. She was a little bit shy, and quickened her pace to her office. Looking at Daisy's blushed face, the commander laughed heatedly. The commander's laughter made Daisy even more shy. She wished she could just disappear from his sight right away.

"Mark, is Colonel Daisy shy?" The commander asked Mark who had been following them. Mark wanted to catch up with Daisy, but now he had to stop.

's words. Edward gave Joseph a sneer, and didn't intend to explain anything to Joseph.

"Joseph, you don't have to worry. What I said just now has so much meaning that it is difficult for you to understand. So don't bother to understand. Let's get down to business." Edward was a venomous man. This trait about him was known by everyone. It was the first time for Joseph to deal with Edward, so he must be really bold to challenge Edward.

"Didn't we have a deal yesterday? You just have to sign on the document. " Joseph was surprised that Edward was able to bring so many people in such a short period of time, but he thought this was his country, so he behaved very tough in front of Edward.

"Ha! Do you think I'll sign such an unfair contract? Who gave you that level of confidence?" Edward sneered with his long legs crossed. He gave Joseph a glance in disdain.

"Don't forget, this is my place. If you want the mining base to work safely, you must sign on the document. " Joseph respected Edward, because he looked so calm, as if he were drinking coffee leisurely, rather than negotiating with him.

""You don't know me at all. If I were really afraid of what you said, I wouldn't have planned to build a mining base here." Edward's eyes suddenly became fierce. He hated being threatened by others, and Joseph kept getting on his nerves, which really made Edward angry.

"So, you mean we can't work together now?" Joseph tactfully turned the ring on his thumb. He glanced at Edward with his triangular-shaped eyes and burst out laughing wildly.

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