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   Chapter 663 The Commander's Daughter (Part One)

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"I know it's hard for you to accept me over night, but I hope you can understand how much I crave to see you everyday." If Leo had known that things between Daisy and him would turn out to be like this, he would not have ever listened to Yakira's words to drive Daisy out of the house.

"It doesn't matter whether you wish to see me or not. It's all the same. Nothing can be changed." 'Who made me so aloof? It's him! He made me so aloof! Who could he blame now?' Daisy thought.

"What's wrong with your hand?" Leo asked in a feeble voice when he saw the wound on Daisy's hand. Leo was afraid to answer Daisy's question because he didn't know how to face that.

"It's none of your business. Save your concern for your baby daughter. Excuse me, but I have to go. I am going to be late for work." As soon as Daisy said that, she went to her car. She behaved very politely, which hurt Leo even more.

"Daisy, Daisy, listen to me." Leo shouted, trying to quickly catch up with Daisy. However, Daisy didn't hesitate to close the door hurriedly as if she did not hear him at all.

"Let's go." Daisy said to Mark calmly. She didn't want to see Leo any more. 'He wants me to completely forgive him for what he's done to me? I am sorry. That's impossible! I can't be that kind!'

Leo ran after the car for a few steps, but finally he gave up and stopped. Although Leo anticipated Daisy would be very aloof to him before meeting her, he still felt very sad when he was really treated by Daisy in this manner. Leo watched Daisy going away in the car until she was out of his sight. Then he slowly went back to his car.

For Leo, home was not home anymore. Yakira was put into jail, Mary was kicked out of the house, and even Brian was not here. He was the only man left in this family now. So he was eager to have Daisy forgive him. He knew Daisy would not forgive him easily, but he still hoped for the same.

"Colonel, are you all right?" Mark couldn't help asking her, because he saw there were tears in Daisy's eyes.

"I am fine, really. I am fine." Daisy seemed to be answering Mark, but all she was doing was in fact consoling herself. Actually, she did see Leo's expression of disappointment on his face, but it was really hard for her to forgive him for what he did to her in the past.

Daisy's Humvee was hurtling along the road. Her heart became exceptionally soft. At this moment, she missed her overbear

If I had known Louisa's personality, I wouldn't have made us all so embarrassed." To be honest, Daisy wouldn't have even looked at Louisa if the commander hadn't always treated her like his daughter. Daisy had seen too many proud women like her in her life.

"Alas! I have to say. I am a terrible father!" Looking at his competent colonel, Daisy, the commander sighed. He thought, 'she's about the same age as my daughter. Why are they so different?'

"You must be joking. How can you say that you're a terrible father? It is only that Louisa's character is different from others. You are still a majestic general." Daisy smiled. She never looked at Louisa. Since Louisa didn't like her, she didn't have to try to please Louisa.

"Daisy, you always know what I'm thinking!" In fact, it was pretty understandable why the commander would think like that. Thinking about what Daisy must have experienced in all these years, he couldn't help but feel sad. She was just a little girl several years ago, but almost everyone knew how difficult her life was. As for Louisa, she was just a few years younger than Daisy, but her behavior right now utterly disappointed the commander.

"Dad, I'll leave you guys alone. I have to go now. " Louisa gave Daisy a meaningful look. 'She is just an ordinary pretty woman. Why does daddy think I'm not as good as her?' Louisa thought.

"Okay. Okay. Just go. Leave us alone." The commander regretted having Louisa accompany him to the military base. Louisa had not only lost her own face, but also let others know that he could not teach basic discipline to his daughter.

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