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   Chapter 661 Paternal Love (Part One)

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"You go, girl!" Edward snickered. He was glad that Michelle believed him. Michelle was too simple after all.

"How come you became the target of those people? They don't seem to be nice people. Did you offend the local gangsters?" Michelle recalled the dangerous situation they were in about a moment ago. Luke would have been seriously injured if she and her sidekicks hadn't appeared in time.

"Yes. It's about business. You have to bow your head under low eaves. This is their territory. We have been put into a very tight spot." Edward frowned. He had been too careless this time and was now led by the nose. The situation was dangerous and crucial. If he and Joseph still couldn't come to an agreement by tomorrow, he would have to seek help from his father as a last resort. Honestly, he was reluctant to ask for help from Jonathan. Bygones were bygones. He had put the past behind and didn't hate him anymore. Edward was a proud man. He just didn't want his father to think that he couldn't even handle such a trifle.

"You should be more careful. If there is anything that I can do for you, do let me know. I came here only for fun, but my father's friend is a powerful man here. Perhaps he can help you, " Michelle said as she patted her chest like a man.

"No, thanks." Edward didn't want to owe anybody anything. If he had to ever ask for help from someone, it would rather be from his own father than from anyone else. After all, blood is thicker than water. Edward didn't want to be burdened. If he took help from his father, he wouldn't feel like he owed him. Certainly, his father wouldn't ask for anything in return.

"Okay. I should go. Look out for yourselves." Michelle checked the time. It was late. She wanted to trash Luke more, but it would be inappropriate for her to stay any longer. She knew the protocol.

"See you back in the city. Remember what I told you, " Edward reminded her, resuming his trick.

"I will. Bye." Michelle was scatter-minded. By the time she briskly ran out of the room, the anger she felt at Luke was a

athan was the only person who could help them out. In the past, Edward would rather die than seek help from his father. Now he was willing to call him. It seemed they were eventually reconciled with each other.

"Yes, that was him. We came here in a hurry without proper preparations. Now we need The Mayfly's help to protect us. After I handle Joseph, we can go home on time." Edward walked to the sofa and sat down. The frustration on his face had disappeared. He seemed in a good mood now.

"With your father's help, we can fight back tomorrow, " Luke said. He was used to Edward's confidence. Yesterday was the first time he had seen Edward cornered. As someone close to Edward, he had felt bad about it. Edward had promised Daisy that he would come home safe, so he had been suppressing his anger while negotiating with Joseph. He had tried his best to be tactful with him. And at last, he had almost gotten himself killed. The old Edward wouldn't ever compromise like that. But now he was a husband and a father. That changed everything. He had to put his family and his own safety first and think everything through before taking any action.

Daisy had the same nightmare repeatedly all night. In the dream, she ran and ran, but every time she got caught by someone. She had never had this nightmare before. When she woke up in the morning, she felt exhausted.

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