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   Chapter 660 The Love Trap (Part Three)

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"You know, I quite admire your composure. But I am afraid that she has an unforgiving temper. Be careful, she might settle scores with you in the future." Edward said to Luke with a malicious smile. He was rather astonished at first, too. But he then rejoiced inwardly, thinking that something good might happen here. Something probably related to a crush, or love.

"So what? She's just a little girl, what can she even do to me?" It seemed like Luke wasn't paying any attention to Michelle, and was even looking down upon her Edward wondered whether she would kick up a big stink if she found this out. Judging from her hot temper, he believed that she definitely would.

"I have been there. And mark my words, one should never ever underestimate a woman. Offend them once and you are doomed for life!" said Edward, winking at Luke gloatingly. If he saw things right, Luke and Michelle were actually into each other. It was only a matter of time before Jack could have his Jill. But given the fact that Luke was very clumsy in the matter of love, they still had a long way to go.

Although Luke had wounds all over his body, they were not very severe. So the doctor had only disinfected the wounds and applied medicine to them. But it was still quite an ordeal for Luke to have so many wounds treated at one time. He might have managed to display a calm exterior, but it was truly a gut-wrenching scene for Edward. And Luke's suffering further added to Edward's hatred towards Joseph, KG's CEO.

No sooner had Michelle seen the doctor off than she stormed in the room. She walked up to Luke, gnashing her teeth. She only became increasingly irritated when waiting outside. It was true that she wasn't the kind of perfectly charming or coquettish girl, but she was pretty and cute. How could someone like her, ever disgust anyone? How could he be so rude to her? "Hey! Mr. Chilly. What wrong did I ever do to you? Why do you treat me like this? I want an explanation!" huffed Michelle

ord to him, not even when you are angry, and no matter how angry you are, just stay mum." Edward stressed. Although he appeared to be serious, he was laughing inside. It was so much fun to trick an innocent and unsophisticated girl like Michelle. 'I am being so nice to you, Luke, for I have found you such an interesting girl to add spice to your life. Now you owe me a lot!'

"There is really no need to worry. Do you think that I will ever get a chance to tell him anything? You too have seen the way he treated me just now. He never talks to me properly." Michelle replied with a great deal of frustration in her voice. She was too depressed to notice that she was actually falling into a trap set by Edward.

"So as I see it, you should first try to make him like you. That way, he will not give you a cold shoulder anymore." Edward became as bold as brass in an attempt to set them up. And not only did he arouse Michelle's interest in Luke successfully without her even noticing it, but had also made her think that he was only helping her out.

"Absolutely! Why?haven't I ever thought of such a good idea? That's settled?then. Let's see how I manage to tame this cold fish now." Well well, now she was doing it all to herself. And that was how our lovely Michelle got totally brain-washed by the naughty Mr. Mu.

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