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   Chapter 659 The Love Trap (Part Two)

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"Sorry to let you down, but yes, here I am." Michelle giggled. She winked at him with a bright smile, and stared straight at his face. What a handsome guy, she thought to herself. One just couldn't afford to miss the chance to appreciate his charming face.

"If I remember right, you are Michelle Mi, correct? We owe you a debt of gratitude today, " Edward said. He mildly laughed it off when he discovered that Michelle was in fact lusting over him. She kept looking at him flirtatiously. Usually, it repelled him when he saw a woman act in this way in front of him. But he didn't take it seriously this time. Instead, he considered it as a demonstration of her frankness and sincerity.

"Not at all! I'm surprised that you remember my name. You are such a gentleman especially when I compare you to someone, who hasn't even rapped to me till now! What a cold person! Calling him Mr. Chilly is too good for him. I think he needs another name that suits him better. Probably, the zombie would do!" Michelle looked in Luke's direction while she was complaining. It was clearly evident that the person she just mentioned was no one else, but Luke.

However, Luke remained straight-faced. He gave no reaction to her words, as if it really had nothing to do with him. He only frowned and shot a glance at the gangsters lying on the ground. He was thinking that it would perhaps be better for them to leave this place right away.

"You actually caused quite a stir back then, and it did leave a lasting impression on me, " said Edward with one eyebrow cocked teasingly. But when he turned to look at Luke, his brows quickly wrinkled. He had not noticed that Luke was badly injured until now.

"Can I take it as a compliment? Well, it sounds more like a criticism to me." Michelle stroked her chin with a confused look on her face. Soon enough, she read between the lines and found out that Edward was probably making fun of her.

"Definitely not. I'm afraid that you might be thinking too much. Anyway, thank you for your help today. Now, I think it's time that we get out of this place. After all, Luke's wounds have to be treated as soon as possible." Luke quite agreed with Edward. It was not wise to stay here for lo

expect and find a Chinese doctor so easily in a foreign land.

"You, get out." Michelle heard Luke demanding when the doctor had to take his clothes off to check his wounds. It was rare to hear him speaking to Michelle. He then looked away, with shyness passing fleetingly and unconsciously across his grim yet handsome face. Michelle didn't notice it, but Edward already saw it. Edward looked at him with a sly grin. It seemed as if he just discovered something interesting about Luke.

"I beg your pardon, Mr. Chilly? So this is your attitude towards someone who just saved your life? You seriously are something, sir. Now listen, I am staying, and I don't think there is?anything that?you can?do?about?it." She was fuming with rage on hearing Luke's words. After all, she was the one who helped him drive those gangsters away, and she was the one who found him a doctor. But did he ever express his gratitude? No, he hadn't even said a word to her. And the first thing he said to her now was 'get out'. Enough was enough! Now, she decided to show him a tougher face.

"So you are not getting out?" asked Luke, casting a glance at her coldly. When he saw that Michelle was still standing at the same spot, he had no choice but to undress in front of her. He remained calm and peaceful during the whole process, as if nobody was watching him. But Michelle freaked out by the scene. She gave a loud scream, covered her eyes with her hands and immediately ran out of the room.

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