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   Chapter 658 The Love Trap (Part One)

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"You better make sure that he gets back in a whole skin. Otherwise, I will let the whole KG company pay the price." Edward said in a cold voice, looking at the woman with flinty and cruel eyes. He considered Luke not only his bodyguard, but also his family. Like anyone else, he would indeed lose his temper if anyone came after his family.

"Alas! Do you think that you are still in your territory, Mr. Mu? It is not certain whether you can survive the night or not, let alone have a final say here." The woman smiled contemptuously. Now that they were in the B Country, which lay within her master's sphere of influence, she just couldn't be more arrogant. So she wasn't frightened by Edward's threat at all.

"If you don't believe me, let's give it a try and see what will happen, shall we?" Edward let out a wicked smile, approached her, and touched her face with his fingers lightly and flirtatiously. He looked liked a total womanizer, a dissolute playboy. The woman was soon distracted, and before she could say a word, Edward suddenly hit the nape of her neck with his gun. The beauty then slowly sank to the floor. Edward seized the chance and rushed out. He took out his phone and dialed Luke's number while running at full speed. But the phone was not answered and the dial tone went busy soon.

Just like the woman said, Luke was pinned down at the moment. However, it was not his own safety that worried him, but rather Edward's safety. When he thought about his young master who had been left alone in the hotel, he tried to fight the most out of each and every attack with explosiveness in a hope to break free from the group of gangsters who had besieged him. But his enemies were not to be underestimated, for he failed to get rid of them even after fighting for a long time. To make things worse, he was now feeling both physically and mentally exhausted. As they narrowed the encirclement, he was driven into a tight corner, and fell into despair.

There was no prize for guessing who had sent these gangsters. So Luke knew it clearly in his heart that not only he was in trouble but Edward's life too was in danger at the same time. The problem was, he was held here while Edward was totally out of his reach. The fact that there was nothing he could do to save him now made him feel anxious and frustrated. He even feared that their enemies might have sent more people to assault Edward. If that happened, then the situation was even more intense.

In fact, the hotel

noise relaxed him a bit, for it proved that Luke was safe for the time being since he was still able to fight. Following the sound, he soon found the alley where Luke was surrounded by enemies. But his heart sank at the sight of the battle scene.

"Luke, are you all right?" Without any hesitation, Edward joined the battle. He came up to Luke as quickly as possible, and helped him knock out a gangster beside him. He then asked about Luke's safety with concern.

"I'm fine, Mr. Mu. I'm so happy to see that you are safe and sound, " said Luke, who breathed a sigh of relief on seeing Edward. Edward's arrival provided timely support, and had tipped the balance in no time. He was not as strong as Daisy, but they were almost equally powerful. So he and Luke could cooperate very well and fight everyone around. In less than twenty minutes, the gangsters were defeated. Many of them fled from there to save their lives. Those who stayed at the scene kept moaning on the ground and had zero strength to run away.

"Ha! What a bunch?of?scums!" exclaimed Michelle while she gave one of the gangsters a good kick presumptuously. Being unable to fight back, the gangster glowered at her with hatred and anger. Michelle squinted at him, and forcibly stepped on him this time. She just would not show any mercy to them, nor was she scared of looking at them in the eye.

"What? Not you again." Edward frowned and sighed the moment he spotted Michelle. Like Luke, he just couldn't understand why they would run into her whenever and wherever they were in a trouble. But he actually thanked her in his heart. After all, she had been such a big help again today.

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