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   Chapter 657 Trap And Kill (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5755

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Edward suddenly heard a loud and rhythmic sound of someone knocking on the door. He stopped his work and raised his dashing eyebrows. But he still stood up and went to open the door. He thought it must be Luke who was back after buying some stuff from the market. So he opened the door without even checking who was knocking. Unexpectedly, a beautiful lady with a soft and hot figure fell in his arms as soon as he opened the door. "Who are you?" Edward asked coldly while blocking her hands which were trying to envelope his waist. He could make out from her face that she was an Asian woman. But he didn't know which language she spoke, so he was not sure which country she was from. But undeniably, this woman was indeed a gorgeous beauty.

"Handsome man, aren't you the one who called for the room service?" The woman reached out her hand and frivolously touched Edward's handsome face. She cast several amorous glances at him with her lovely eyes.

"Miss, don't tell me that you are the night snack for me tonight." Edward suddenly reached out his arms and held her slender waist with his hands slowly wandering on her back.

"That depends on whether you have the guts to eat me up or not." The woman's voluptuous body clung closely to his body and her fingers slowly caressed his strong bare chest. She brought her luscious lips near his ear and blew some warm air from her mouth to arouse all his senses.

"How do you know when I haven't given it a try yet? I feel honored to please such a beautiful woman like you." Edward put his hands on her lower body. His sexy voice had her spellbound, leaving the originally cold presidential suite burnt with passionate desire. Amorous air filled the whole room.


n? Do you really think I won't dare to do anything to you?" Edward said while fiercely bumping her head hard with the gun handle, showing no mercy to such a beautiful woman.

"If Mr. Mu, you think that I will succumb because of this hit, you're wrong. We are willing to venture our lives to finish the task right from the time we enter the business. Do you think I will care about suffering this little pain?" The woman smiled gracefully, irrespective of the blood streaming down from her head.

"Oh? What if I destroy this beautiful face? Will you still not mind?" Edward slowly stroked his fingers over her delicate cheeks. The more beautiful a woman was, the more she would care about her face. And for some women, their faces were important than their lives. And Edward firmly believed that this woman was a typical example of one such woman.

"Please don't. We didn't do anything to him. We only temporarily delayed his coming back to the hotel." It turned out that Edward was right. Hearing that Edward was going to ruin her beautiful face, the woman began to panic. It was obvious that to her, beauty was more precious than her life.

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