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   Chapter 656 Trap And Kill (Part Two)

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Finally, he reached out his hand and picked up his cellphone from the table. Looking at Daisy and Justin's broad smile on his mobile phone's screen, his ferocious eyes suddenly softened. He gently swiped the screen and dialed the familiar numbers. Then he put the phone to his ear and listened carefully.

"Hello, it's me. Have you finished your business there? When are you coming back?" It took Daisy a long time to finish her shower because of the wound on her hand. She was about to start her work when she suddenly heard the phone ring. She quickly picked it up when she saw the familiar number flash on the screen.

"I know it's you. Do you miss me so much that you are so eager to have me back home?" Edward was very slick in front of Daisy. No matter what, he would be happy as long as he took advantage of her. And that got Daisy pretty annoyed. She really wanted to strangle him to death now.

"Yes! I'm thinking of you now, thinking whether your face is thick enough to block the bullet of my gun." In fact, she missed him a lot, but she wouldn't let those words slip from her mouth. Otherwise Edward would feel as if walking on air. He would become too narcissistic to remember who he was.

"If you want, I don't mind taking the bullet for you again." This was how the narcissistic Edward was like. But he actually had the advantage to behave like that. Even if you were pissed off at him, you would rather bury your grievance in your heart than show it off to him. Because there was only one Edward in this world, if you missed him once, there was no second chance.

"Why should I care? It's not me who will take the bullet." She

do it tomorrow." Edward kissed her through the cellphone and reluctantly hung up. Remembering Edward's arbitrary request of never hanging up the phone first, Daisy patiently waited for him to hang up first. She shook her head helplessly and placed the phone on the desk. After that, she got back to her work. Not sure why, but Daisy felt a little uneasy and couldn't concentrate on her work.

Like Edward said, KG was not that stupid to do anything to them during the broad daylight, so nothing special really happened during the day and they successfully got the rings. But that didn't mean they were totally safe. This was because night was usually the best time for any hideous crimes to transpire.

In the luxurious presidential suite, the sound of keys of the keyboard clicking could be clearly heard.

Edward quickly typed a series of numbers while checking the files in his hand, then he set several firewalls on his computer. Any man who was passionate about his work indeed looked very charming. And by that logic too Edward was undoubtedly the most fascinating man in the world now.

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