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   Chapter 655 Trap And Kill (Part One)

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"Mom, Dad will get really mad if he finds out that you are injured again." Justin went upstairs with Daisy, displaying a gloating look on his round face.

"Justin, why are you so happy to know that I will be scolded by your dad again?" Daisy said as she pinched his lovely round face. Had she been neglecting him recently? Why else would he favor his father instead of her this time?

"Yes. I'm very happy. You must be scolded this time because you never listen to him and end up getting yourself hurt time and again." When it came to Daisy's safety, Justin and Edward were definitely on the same page.

"Justin, do you still love your Mom?" Daisy felt sad just thinking about it. She worked really hard to bring him up. But he switched his sides so soon. Now, he was singing the same tune as his father. Daisy knew, if the father and son aligned with each other to deal with her, it would be a major disadvantage for her in the family.

"Of course I love you Mom! But more than that, I wish to see you healthy. I want to make sure that you always come back home safely." Justin said in a calm yet serious tone just like an adult. When Justin talked like that, Daisy had an illusion that it was not Justin but Edward sitting right in front of her.

"I'm so sorry Justin. I got you worried again." Daisy gently embraced the adorable Justin into her arms. Despite the passage of the time and the change in the environment, Justin would always be the one to care for her the most.

"Mom, you should be okay all the time. Dad and I both need you." Justin took a deep breath, sniffing the unique fragrance coming from his mother's body. Although it was a mixed smell with a slight odor of sweat in it, he still found her fragrance to be the best.

"Don't worry. I will not leave you. To me, you are the most imp

f. He regretted not bringing more people with them.

"It's too late now. They're too far away to be able to help us here. We'd better be careful by ourselves, " Edward paused and said. No matter what, he would never get himself in danger, at least for the sake of Daisy.

"Are we still going to fetch the rings later?" Although he knew Edward would definitely go to get the rings, he still wanted to confirm.

"Of course, don't forget that I come here mainly for the rings." The rings were belated wedding gifts for Daisy. No matter how dangerous the situation was, he would not give that up.

"But it's more dangerous if we leave the hotel." Luke tried to persuade him not to go out. He knew the rings were really very important to Edward. However, he also knew that in comparison to the rings, it was Edward's safety that was more important to Daisy.

"It's okay, it won't take too long. And they wouldn't dare to hurt me so blatantly. If something really happens to me, the prime suspect would be KG. They are not that stupid to dig their own grave." Edward took a napkin and gently wiped his mouth. Then he took a small sip of the red wine and lay back on the chair. He was lost in his thoughts.

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