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   Chapter 654 Daisy Got Hurt (Part Two)

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"Look at how you are bleeding. The cut must be deep. It can't be a small one." Leena sniffled. Then she bent over, ripped the lining of her skirt, and bandaged Daisy's cut with it, hands trembling. Although it didn't stop the bleeding, it slowed down the flow of the blood.

"Leena, thank you. Now I get why they all spoil you. You're such a sweet girl." Daisy reached out her other hand and stroked Leena's hair. Who wouldn't love such a kind and thoughtful girl? If only Kevin could see that and forget the past.

"Sis Daisy, don't make fun of me. Tom said he was near. Why is it taking him so long to get here?" Leena wasn't cheered up by Daisy's praise. She looked at the traffic on the street anxiously.

"Leena, relax. You're too intense. I am afraid you'll faint before I do." Daisy patted her shoulder. With the torn skirt on, Leena looked embarrassed. As a carefree girl, this kind of situation was new to her.

"Here comes Tom. Tom, here!" Leena waved at a Maybach and finally smiled.

When Tom got Leena's call, he had just finished a seminar. When he heard that it was Daisy who got injured, he immediately rushed over without eating anything. He didn't want any delays when it came to Daisy. When Leena called, she was only crying. So, all Tom could hear was her mumble. Fortunately, Tom had been very close to where they were. So he drove there as fast as he could.

"Daisy, are you okay?" Seeing Daisy standing, Tom was relieved that the injury wasn't severe. At the sight of Leena, he took off his coat, tossed it to her, and said, "Wear it around your waist."

Leena bit her lip and did as told. She assumed that Tom must have noticed what was wrong with her skirt.

"It's nothing serious. Just a small cut from a dagger. I'm sorry to trouble you at such late hours. Leena shouldn't have made a fuss about this." Although Tom and Edward were good friends, Daisy felt bad about getting free treatments from him.

"Don't mention it. Get in

Daisy's hand, which was thickly bandaged in gauze. She was terribly worried.

"Mom, were you on a mission today?" Justin raised his mom's hand and blew on it gently, as if it would make the pain go away.

"No. Something happened. The cut is not deep. Uncle Tom has already taken care of it. So no need to worry about it." Daisy looked at Cynthia apologetically and stole a glance at Jonathan. Then her gaze fell on Justin's face. She had been injured a lot lately. It worried her family badly. She felt sorry about that.

"It's late. Let her go upstairs, freshen up, and get some rest, " Jonathan said. He could see that Daisy was tired. And she looked like a mess after the fight. She could use a good night's sleep to relax herself. Hearing Jonathan's words, she looked at him gratefully.

"Right, right. I'm too worried to think about that. Justin, go upstairs with your mom. I'll ask Mrs. Wu to make some soup for her. She's too thin. And now she has lost so much blood. Poor kid!"

Cynthia worried a lot, just like every other parent would. Seeing Daisy's injury, she started to bustle around. Yet Daisy was faced with a dilemma. After Daisy's last injury, Cynthia had made her eat a lot of soup to help her recover. Daisy was still having that soup hangover to this day. Not again, she thought!

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