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   Chapter 653 Daisy Got Hurt (Part One)

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"You should have expected that from the beginning, " Daisy sneered. The police didn't arrive until half an hour later. It seemed that a tea with the chief of Public Security Bureau was inevitable.

"Bitch, you wait. I won't let you off." Sen was on the verge of losing control of his emotions. The dagger pointed at Mary's neck dug deep into her skin. She was bleeding.

Hearing the word bitch, Daisy squinted her eyes grimly at Sen.

"Please don't. Don't kill me!" Mary begged, trembling. Feeling the pain in her neck, she feared that Sen would slit her throat the next second.

"Be quiet! Or I'll kill you!" The police were getting closer. Sen kept a close watch on them and was on the alert against Daisy's ambush at the same time. Mary's pleading disturbed him a bit. Daisy took the opportunity and approached him swiftly. She grabbed the blade and got Mary out of his embrace. She kicked Sen hard in the balls and struck him with her elbow. Sen was caught, yet Daisy was cut by the blade and her hand was bleeding profusely.

"Sis Daisy, are you all right?" Leena came back with the police. She had intended to call the police again, but then she ran into them before she could run far away from here.

"It doesn't matter. It is just a scrape." Daisy indifferently looked at Mary, who was sitting on the ground. The pain in her palm made her frown.

"Ah! Sis, you are bleeding. Hurry. Let's go find Tom." Leena screamed at Daisy's bleeding hand.

"Excuse me. Are you Colonel Ouyang?" A policeman asked, head tilted. He felt that he had seen this female military officer before. She looked like the colonel who had been to their bureau several times to see their chief.

"Yes, I am. The police should arrive at the crime scene within five minutes. Why did it take you half an hour to get here?" Daisy peered at the man with a calm face. Yet the calm was just a prelude to a burst of rage.

"Sorry. We didn't know it was you who called the police. And there was an accident on our way here, so..." Once the policeman confirmed Dais

nel everybody's been talking about? No wonder she can fight." Sen swallowed some saliva. He had been wondering why the woman was so arrogant, it turned out she was a high-level military officer.

"You are lucky she didn't make you a cripple. I admire your courage, though. Have a good time in jail!" The policeman shook his head speechlessly. It was a horrible thing to be this ignorant in life. The moron had started a fight without even checking on Daisy's identity. Even if he didn't know who she was, couldn't he see her epaulets? On seeing the hooligans lying or sitting here and there, the policeman could know that there had been a fierce fight here a while ago. Daisy had handled all those hooligans on her own. Her bravery and strength was indeed impressive!

"Sis, the bleeding is not stopping. I'll call Tom again and ask how far he has reached." Leena was sobbing. She blamed herself for suggesting Westin Western Restaurant. If they hadn't been to that restaurant, they wouldn't have been involved in this fight and Daisy wouldn't have hurt herself. Edward would be very furious enough to kill her.

"Leena, don't worry. It's nothing. I'm used to this kind of small cuts and bruises." Looking at Leena's disheveled hair and tearful face, Daisy tried to soothe her. This must be her first time to experience something like this. She was frightened.

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