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   Chapter 652 The Fight (Part Two)

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"5th dan judo and 6th dan taekwondo. What do you think?" Leena proudly laughed. Being a daughter from a wealthy family, she had to be prepared for all kinds of emergencies. Duke was not the kind of person to be persuaded by her begging and pleading. He sent her to tough training sessions when she was little. There was no getting away for her.

"What, you have learned those?" When Daisy heard Leena, she was actually a little surprised. She got so distracted that she was almost hit by a guy with a wooden club. No wonder the girl did come around without fear. It turned out that she could handle herself pretty well. She was trained young, so she could reach such high dan ranks! Daisy thought that Leena was just a princess spoilt by everyone, but she didn't expect her to have secrets like these. This made Daisy look at Leena in a completely different way.

"Daisy, be careful. I'll explain later." Leena was scared for a moment when she saw Daisy almost being hit by a wooden club. She couldn't afford to be careless. Though, she could fight, she had very little combat experience. Besides, she was wearing a skirt, so she was much more restrained compared to the flexible Daisy.

Originally, the hooligans thought that their number could be an advantage. But they didn't think these two women would be so good at fighting, especially the one in military uniform. Not only did she know all the moves, she also had the efficiency to overpower her opponents. So within just a few minutes, half of the attackers were put down to the ground. They were so badly bruised that they couldn't stand up or fight back. Daisy was a truly decisive and resolute woman.

Mary watched when the fight was on. She was shocked to see them fighting like that. In this moment, she felt a slight change of emotions in her heart. Given the damage she brought in Daisy's life, Daisy could have completely left Mary alone in a situation like this. But Mary was surprised that Daisy came forward without thinking twice. Did she help her because she was a military officer? Or did she step forward because of Brian? Or was she just a very good human being? This was a question that Mary needed to figure out at this moment. But no matter why Daisy helped her, Mary was indeed thankful to her for her rescue.

"Damn, you bitch. Are you all dead? You couldn't even handle two w

an? Make a choice." Sen said creepily, putting a knife against Mary's neck.

"What if I choose neither?" Daisy closed her eyes, angry. She wondered if Mary was stupid. The girl had a good chance to escape earlier, but she had to stay here and become a helpless hostage. Daisy had no idea how Mary came up with all those conspiracies against her in the past.

"No, you will have to choose one. Don't forget that you are wearing a military uniform. I don't have to remind you about upholding the honor of the military and loving the people, right?" Sen didn't expect Daisy to be so good at hand-to-hand combat. Without any knowledge of ranks, he had no idea who she really was and treated her like a regular soldier. Perhaps, this was the reason why he treated her so lightly.

"You don't have to remind me. All I know is that the police will be here in any second. And then, none of you will be able to get away from here. This is not an empty threat." If it were not for Brian's sake, Daisy would have just turned around and left. But just like Sen said, she hadn't forgotten what she was wearing, so even if someone other than Mary was captured here, she was obligated to step forth as a soldier defending her country.

"Shit, you guys called the cops." As Sen complained, he pressed his knife harder onto Mary's neck. Mary was so scared that she didn't dare to breathe, in fear that her delicate neck would be cut open by the knife. Just then, the police sirens could be heard from a distance. Daisy was certain that the police was heading closer to the location.

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