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   Chapter 651 The Fight (Part One)

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"Watch your mouth if you don't wish to end up like him." After Daisy finished her sentence, she threw the handsy man on the ground with a flick of her wrist. She raised her eyebrows and began to laugh at the others. She had thought that they could actually be a threat. But it turned out that she had been wrong.

"Hey! I don't believe that you guys here can't handle a little girl like her. Go inside and get more guys. Let's see how proud she can be." The men never wanted to lose to a woman. If they did, they would lose all the credibility on the street. So within a couple of minutes, they grew even bolder since they were on their own turf.

"What? Are you all piling on me?" Daisy smirked. As long as her opponents were just regular street thugs, she knew she could handle them irrespective of their number. It would only take a bit more time and strength, but the outcome would stay the same.

"Huh! Afraid now? You can still do as told." The cocky leader shook his body. He provocatively looked at Daisy as if he owned the world. The look in his eyes made it clear that he was definitely lusting for Daisy and wanted her right away.

"Afraid? It's not even a word in my dictionary. I'm just going to say it one more time: let her go." Daisy's pretty eyes gave out an intense stare. She darkly chuckled like a claimer of souls from the underworld. The way she looked could make people shiver uncontrollably. The atmosphere around immediately turned unsettling.

"All right. Let's see who's going to come out on top. I don't think a woman like you can win us men. Guys, listen up. If you take her, then tonight's going to be a happy night for you all." The man was giving orders left and right. He was perhaps the local leader here. Otherwise the other guys wouldn't be taking his orders.

"Sen, we'll hold you to it. Haha! We've had all types of girls in the past, but we have never had the chance to play with a girl in uniform. Looks like tonight is going to be a great treat." When the group heard that they could take Daisy back as a winning prize, everyone cheered. People were whistling one after another, totally disregarding the fact that she was a soldier. It was obvious that they were all out of control.

"Watch what you're saying. Or do you want me to help you clean your mouths?" Daisy frowned a little. She was somewhat excited as she hadn't been involved in a fight for quite some time now. She thought this one would be her exercise after dinner. Since a bunch of guys were throwing themselves at her, why

ll speaking, he attacked Leena all of a sudden. But Daisy immediately came to her rescue and stopped him.

"Do me a favor, huh? You call that a favor? I've never seen anyone as shameless and brazen as you." Leena was glib. Nobody could defeat her in an argument. Moreover, she was really clever. She was doing all this on purpose. She wanted to talk as much as possible so she could stall the situation till the police arrived. However, attacking people with words couldn't really be considered as a wise way to fool men like them. One would only be more infuriated by her biting comments. Just then, the men who were resting, got instructions from Sen again. They were all ready for a fight one more time.

"Foolish girl, you asked for it. Let's see how you'll fool around with me later." No man could allow a girl to trample on his pride. So before his gang could take any action, Sen came after Leena. He failed to understand how somebody like Leena who looked so delicate and sweet could be so sharp-tongued and exasperating.

Leena didn't expect these people to suddenly turn hostile and become so scary. She was stunned by their actions. She only recovered from the shock after she was pulled back by Daisy. There was no time for her to think anything through. She instantly raised her fist to knock down a man who tried to touch her. Leena wasted no time and kicked the man with her long leg and trampled on him with her high heels. She no longer looked like a sweet fragile girl. Now, she was the evil mistress who could take anyone down.

"You know how to fight?" The kicked man was distracted by what was under Leena's skirt when she raised her leg. He asked in a dumb tone.

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