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   Chapter 650 Mary Is In Danger (Part Two)

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"Never mind. It was common gossip that he once dated countless women. I knew this before too." Daisy stated indifferently as she looked up at the neon lights, staring blankly at the sky.

"Daisy, that's not true. You must have read them in papers, but Edward really was not a playboy. These were all false accusations. Please don't be mad at him, otherwise, he would blame me for it." Leena immediately explained, but Daisy didn't take it seriously. She bit her lower lip, falling into a depression.

"I'm not mad at him. Let bygones be bygones. I won't bother him with that." Daisy patted her shoulder to comfort her and gave her a friendly, reassuring smile.

"Great! If you get mad at Edward because of me, he will absolutely kill me!" Leena made a face and stuck out her tongue at Daisy.

"Rest assured. Edward dotes on you. He will never ever blame you for anything." Daisy pulled Leena back to avoid a speeding car.

"Well, he used to dote on me. But now, you are the person he loves the most. He has never cared about some woman like that, you are the first one." They chatted while wandering on the streets. Their pretty faces and Daisy's military uniform did attract a lot of attention.

"Leena, no matter how much he loves me now, you will always be his beloved sister. There is no two ways about it. So, please don't be sad."

The first time Daisy saw Leena, she could see how much Edward cared about her. She remembered that she got jealous of Leena too at that time. But now she knew that Edward treated Leena as his own sister.

"Come on, Daisy. I just want you to dote on me." Leena swung Daisy's arm and acted like a spoilt child, looking rather adorable.

"If I didn't dote on you, I wouldn't have found the time to have dinner with you. Come on! Be contented!" Daisy rubbed Leena's nose, feigning anger. But the affection in her eyes revealed her true feelings for Leena. In her eyes, Leena was a loving sister. She was also her best friend now. Every time she saw Leena's sw

d her big boobs with his large hand. Then he raised her chin and looked at her in the eye, trying to kiss her lips.

"HELP! Daisy, help me..." At this moment, Mary saw Daisy running towards her. She immediately cried out loud for help, overlooking how rude she had been to her in the restaurant.

"Wow! A female soldier! Are you feeling alone in the military camp? Are you out for some fun too? Let us satisfy you, huh?" A man whistled when he looked at Daisy from top to bottom with his dirty eyes.

"You will never be able to satisfy me. So, you'd better let her go. Otherwise, you'll end up in the hospital." Daisy narrowed her eyes, staring coldly at the men around her. She didn't take them seriously as she believed she could knock them out easily.

"Hah! Bros, listen to her, she said we will not be able to satisfy her. It must be exciting to play with a soldier. I now have an itch to have a wild sex with her right away." A man reached out his hand towards Daisy's pink cheek. She dodged and grabbed his hand, breaking off his wrist. "Ouch!" The man couldn't help but howl as he experienced sharp pain in his wrist. All of this happened in a fraction of few seconds. Daisy stood still and seemed relaxed. In her eyes, these people meant nothing to her. After all, she was a tough woman, who had trained in martial arts.

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