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   Chapter 649 Mary Is In Danger (Part One)

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"You are such a weird person! You came up to us and provoked Daisy. What's wrong with you? Have you gotten no shame?" Leena scolded her as she was infuriated by Mary's words. Leena was always ready to defend the weak and helpless; she couldn't bear Mary talking to her best friend in an aggressive manner.

"Who do you think you are? It's between me and Daisy. Mind your own business and stay out of it!" Mary sneered and cast a stern glance at Leena. Mary didn't think much of Leena.

"Well, Daisy is my best friend. I won't let you harm her. By the way, your wig is about to fall off your head." Leena was a fashion designer and worked with models. She could tell at a glance that Mary was wearing a wig.

Mary immediately touched her wig on hearing her words, and then she realized that she was fooled. She gave a murderous look and yelled, "Bitch! How dare you make fun of me?"

"Bah! You look so ugly with that face. Look at the old man over there. He is waving at you. Is he your boyfriend?" Leena asked in disdain as she pointed to a fat old man sitting at a little distance from them.

"Duh! You are so lucky today. I will settle accounts with you next time." Mary stamped her foot and cast a warning glance at both of them. Then she turned around and walked towards the man.

"Damn! Who is she? Daisy, what's the story between you two?" Leena asked as she looked at Mary's receding figure. Mary sat down beside the man and threw herself into the man's arms. He rubbed her over-sized boobs. His dirty actions disgusted Leena, so she turned her head and looked at Daisy's pretty face.

"I'm related to her. Let's not talk about her. Just eat your food. Your food is getting cold." Daisy gave a tiny smile and looked at Mary and then at that man. She furrowed her brow when they were flirting with each other in public. She looked away, ignoring Mary.

Since Daisy didn't want to talk about Mary, Leena didn't push it further. After all, everyone had his or her own taboo subject; Leena was no exception, so she fully understood Daisy's reaction to it.

After the dinner, it was dark outside and neon lights lit up the streets. The pedestrians calmy

in him. Women flirt with him all the time." Speaking of Edward, Leena's eyes lit up. She just went on and on so much that she didn't even notice that she was talking about Daisy's husband.

"He is such a ladies man, huh?" Daisy murmured and thought to herself, 'I'm also one of those women. Perhaps I'm just a little bit luckier than others. But how long can I have such an exceptional man to myself?' A myriad of thoughts came to Daisy's mind. Even after going through thick and thin together, Daisy didn't trust Edward as much as she should. She felt insecure. It was perhaps true that something was missing in their relationship.

"Yes, he is. He has spent a lot of time in dealing with these women." Leena stated in an adoring tone without noticing Daisy's awkwardness.

"That's why he had no time for me, right?" Daisy signed. Though her miserable days had long gone by, they left an indelible mark in her life. Every time she thought of herself as one lucky woman, those thoughts from the past bothered her. This made her cherish Edward more. She always reminded herself that getting back Edward was not easy. So, she should pay more attention to his life and not take him for granted.

"Sorry! Daisy, I got too excited. I didn't mean it that way..." Leena patted her mouth, feeling sorry for Edward. Damn! She just exposed his absurd history. 'Edward, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to set a trap for you, ' Leena thought to herself.

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