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   Chapter 648 The Dinner (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6571

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"Oh, I'm fine. I'm sorry. I was just in a daze." Daisy gave a bitter smile. She was sitting in her husband's restaurant, but she had no idea about it until someone else told her about it. She felt bad.

"Are you thinking about Edward?" Leena joked with a mischievous smile.

"No. You're reading too much into it." Daisy blushed and drank some water hurriedly to cover her embarrassment.

"Look at your face. It is all pink. What are you embarrassed about?" Leena kept joking, looking lively and stunning.

"Speaking of which, don't you miss Kevin?" Daisy took a deep breath and asked casually.

Leena was surprised by the question and didn't know how to reply to that. Whether she missed him or not, did it really matter to Kevin? He didn't love her after all.

"Sis, why are we talking about me all of a sudden?" Leena felt a trace of sadness in her heart. When did she start to care about him?

"Even if you do, there's nothing wrong with it. As you just pointed out, there's nothing to be embarrassed about." Daisy gave a smile and retorted with Leena's exact words.

"I'm in a different situation from yours." Leena pursed her lips. She started to think Daisy had invited her to dinner to crack jokes about her married life.

"Different how? We are both married couples." Daisy suddenly paused. She remembered the conversation she had with Kevin once. She felt sorry and looked at Leena guiltily.

"Just different. Forget it. Let's drop it and enjoy the food here." At this point, the waiter served some dishes. Leena felt relieved and changed the subject immediately.

"I'm not a picky eater." Daisy sensed that something was wrong between Leena and Kevin. She tried to get more information, but Leena was obviously not in the mood to continue the subject, so Daisy didn't push it further.

"Actually I'm not a picky eater either. I just feel like treating myself to a nice luxurious meal once in a while." Leena was a fun loving girl. She k


"Why should I give a damn about how you are? You should thank Brian. He's a good brother. If it wasn't for him, you wouldn't be able to stand in front of me today." Given the uniform she was wearing, Daisy kept her voice low. But anger was still written all over her face.

"Huh! Daisy, have you lost your mind? Do I know him? He's only your dear brother!" Mary was laughing so hysterically that tears wet her eyes. She wiped the corners of her eyes. She had sincerely treated Brian as a baby brother all her life. What saddened her was that he never liked her and had abandoned her when she needed him the most. What kind of brother did that?

"No matter what, you got lucky this time because of him. Treasure him." Daisy shook her head. So far, the only thing she could do was to remind Mary to behave. She hoped she could come to her senses. If she did anything stupid again, no one would be able to help her next time.

"I don't care! As you can see, I can live a comfortable life even after leaving the Ouyangs' house. So, save the crocodile tears of yours! Who do you think you are to preach to me?" Mary glared at Daisy, who stayed calm. After the abduction, although Mary was still unwilling to give up, all she could do was trash talking, she wouldn't dare to lay a finger on Daisy now.

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