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   Chapter 647 The Dinner (Part One)

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"How would I know? Sis Daisy, I asked you first. Why are you asking me back?" Leena said, pouting.

"You can ask Kevin in person when he comes back. I don't talk behind people's back." Daisy smiled, imagining Leena's disappointed face.

"Never mind. I'm not stupid, and I don't want to interfere in what he does at work, so I won't ask." Leena rolled her eyes. She wouldn't do anything reckless like that.

"Do you want to get together tonight? Dinner's on me." Daisy smiled affectionately. She loved everything that Edward loved.

"Sis, is today April Fool's Day?" Leena asked carefully and checked the calendar, like an adorable little girl.

"Am I that unreliable?" Daisy smiled resignedly and wondered when she lose all her credibility.

"It's not that I don't believe you. It just sounds a little unusual to me." Leena slapped her head. It was late fall. How could it be April Fool's Day today? Dumb! Dumb! Dumb! She said to herself.

"Stop asking questions. Are you free or not?" Daisy asked sullenly. It wasn't easy for her to make time to have dinner with her. Yet Leena didn't answer her question directly. She just went on blabbering irrelevantly.

"Of course I have all the time in the world to dine with you. Even if I didn't, I would do everything to clear my schedule and grab this opportunity." Leena was glad that she didn't have to eat alone tonight. Simultaneously, she was also surprised by this feeling. Where did it come from? She had always yearned for a free lifestyle. No restraints. Since when did she dread eating alone?

"Save it. See you tonight. You pick the place." Since Daisy used to live at the military residential quarter and she spent most of her time on the army base, she wasn't familiar with the fancy restaurants in the city. Leena, on the other hand, was a rising star in the fashion business, Daisy was afraid that Leena wouldn't like the restaurant she picked.

"Okay. Let's go to Westin Western Restaurant then. The

FX International has a special kind of VIP card called Dragblac Card. It's only for its most important clients." Leena raised her brows and handed the waiter the menu with her order on it.

"I didn't know that. But does it have anything to do with this meal?" Daisy was curious. She gave the waiter her order too.

"Of course it does. The clients with a Dragblac Card enjoy a free service in all the properties of FX International. Huh, I knew Edward didn't tell you this. You two go everywhere together after work. He must think you might never need this card. It makes sense, "

Leena said, nodding her head.

"Are you trying to tell me that this restaurant belongs to FX International?" Daisy frowned. Suddenly she felt bad, not because Edward didn't give her a Dragblac Card, but because she felt that she was a lousy wife. She seemed to have paid no attention to Edward's work. Daisy scarcely knew him.

"That's right. I knew you didn't know about it. Enjoy the meal. Someone else is going to pay for it anyway, " Leena said, without noticing the subtle change of expression on Daisy's face. Daisy was silent for a while. This was when Leena realized that something was amiss.

"Sis, are you all right?" Seeing the sadness on Daisy's face, Leena was worried that she might have said something wrong.

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