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   Chapter 646 B Country (Part Three)

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"Report!" A resonant baritone interrupted her thoughts. She looked at her watch and realized that she had been musing for quite a while now.

"Please come in, " Daisy replied. Judging from the way he knocked, which was very formal and polite, she knew it wasn't Mark. He was a lot less serious but always looked as if he was on his way to deal with some kind of emergencies.

Entering the room was a young man full of vigor and vitality. His name was Lee. He saluted Daisy first and then reported, "Colonel, Major General Gu asked me to give these documents to you before he left. He said you might need them." After saying that, he stepped forward to hand over the documents.

"I see. It's very nice of him to be so thoughtful, but it seems that he doesn't really trust my working abilities, " said Daisy with a faint smile, as she picked up the folder and sat down on her chair.

"No, you should not get it wrong. I am sure this was not his intention. He sorted out this information for you to use it as a source of reference. The next call of action and the final decision are in your hands only, colonel." Daisy was amused by how Lee took her words so seriously. She obviously knew Kevin well and didn't take any offence in getting help from him.

To reassure him, she said, "Okay, I get it. I appreciate both yours and his help. Please don't take me so seriously. I was just joking." 'Why couldn't he see that I was only joking?' thought Daisy to herself, knitting her brows, 'Have I always been serious in the past?'

Lee moved his lips but couldn't think of anything to reply. In fact, he didn't even think that Daisy was joking, because he didn't find anything funny about it. He had always been used to Daisy's conscientiousness and preciseness. So, today when she talked in a rather casual way, it was a little hard for him to accept.

Seeing that his work was done here, Lee excused

you mean Major General Gu. No, of course he didn't. He is undergoing a discreet training course. Nobody is allowed to get in touch with him. So, relax, you still have the whole house to your self. Even if you put all of his stuff up for auction, there is nothing he can do about it right now."

It was obvious that Kevin had been using the same tactic on Leena as he did on her - flooding her with tips, rules to follow, and whatnot. "Poor Leena, ' she thought, shaking her head slightly with a smile.

"For the record, I have no interest in his stuff. I'd be more than happy as long as he doesn't make me listen to him talking about how to take care of myself. Sis, is he also like this at work? Setting millions of rules and giving orders to other people?" It wasn't that Kevin liked nagging people. It's just that, to him, Leena was like a child, and he felt the need to protect her. This was why, before he left home, he repeatedly ensured that nothing would go wrong while he was gone.

"How do you think he is like when he is at work?" said Daisy with a sly grin. An idea of playing a little trick on Leena had just crossed her mind. It turned out that Justin didn't inherit his evil character solely from his father; his mother contributed her share too.

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