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   Chapter 645 B Country (Part Two)

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"Okay. Go have some rest! I will reach the army base in a few minutes. Take care of yourself. Bye." Despite saying bye, Daisy didn't cut the phone. She waited to hear bye from Edward.

"Okay, bye, " responded Edward, blowing a gentle kiss over the phone before finally hanging it up. After putting down his phone, Edward walked towards the bathroom while undoing his shirt button. Like a leopard after a hunt, he looked worn out. This strangely added another layer of charm to his appearance. No wonder numerous women were crazy about him. How could anyone resist such a hot man!

B Country was a landlocked country located in the southern hemisphere. Most of the areas of the country had a savanna climate. The western part of where Edward was staying was mostly a desert or a semi-desert region. The year here was divided into dry and rainy seasons. The rainy season was hot, while the dry season was dry and cold. Both with huge temperature difference between the day and night. Right now, it was rainy season here. For someone like Edward, who couldn't stand the warm weather, it was especially difficult to stay here at this time of the year.

Edward added some lavender oil in the hot tub and got in it to relax his muscles. Now he could finally clear everything out of his head and just rest. It was three in the morning, nine o'clock in the morning for Daisy. He had a twenty-hour long journey during which he did nothing but reviewed the documents he received from the head manager in B Country. Such workload could take a toll on anyone.

However, to deliver what he had promised, he had to speed up the tasks in hand so as to catch up with the exercise of new weapons at Daisy's army base. If it was about someone else, he wouldn't push himself so hard. To him, everything about Daisy was important. He would rather keep all the hard work to himself than let Daisy down by not showing up when she wanted him.

After the water in the tub was lukewarm, he opened his eyes and turned on the shower to let the warm water run down on his body from head to to

gh time nurturing her relationship with her partner.

For the first time in her life, her mind was occupied with personal things during working hours. As she leaned against the window, a wave of memories of Edward flooded her head. She remembered the things he had done for her and how much he had changed for her. The more she thought about it, the more she wondered if she had been taking his love for granted. After all, he didn't owe her anything and there was no need for him to do everything she asked for. Looking back, she realized that she failed to give back Edward enough in this relationship.

'He has so many choices. He can practically have any woman he wants. Will such a man really be happy to commit to me? Though he seems pretty content with it, but will it last long?' thought Daisy to herself, sighing deeply. If she were to answer the question, it would be a no. She wondered if she should make some changes in herself, to make it easier for both of them to be together.

Ever since their reunion, things Edward did had been more than enough to prove his sincerity for Daisy. Sadly, she had been constantly taking his intentions for granted. Taking this recent incident for instance, she didn't even bother to ask where he was going before his business trip, and it wasn't until last night that she finally realized how aloof she kept herself from him.

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