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   Chapter 644 B Country (Part One)

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"Oh honey, it's you. I was going to call you. Didn't expect you to call me first. Wait a minute, why are you using Mark's phone?" Edward had a long day involving a lot of travel, so he was completely exhausted. After his plane landed, he rushed to cater to some urgent business matters and then headed to his hotel immediately. As soon as he entered the room of the hotel, he got a call from Daisy. Before even putting down the bags in his hands, he answered the call.

"Well, that's a good question. You know what the irony is? For the past couple of hours, I've being trying to reach you with my own phone, but couldn't get through. And now, when I tried with Mark's phone, it worked! Care to explain why?" questioned Daisy grumpily. Though Mark was sitting near her, Daisy was unable to resist the rage, so she ignored Mark and snapped at Edward. She had been trying to call him all night, but all she got was voice mail recordings. She even started having those weird thoughts that something bad might have happened to Edward.

"You must have gotten really worried. I am sorry. After the plane landed, I rushed to deal with some emergencies here. I know this is bad excuse and I should have called you sooner. I am sorry Daisy, I really am. Please don't cry. You are an army woman, remember? You don't want others to see you like this, right?"

Hearing Daisy cry made Edward feel guilty. He realized that his carelessness had frightened his wife. She was a really strong woman. It must have been immensely torturous for her to be unable to reach him for the whole night, or she wouldn't have lost her composure like that.

"I don't care what other people think about me. Where are you?" asked Daisy with teary eyes. Last night was like a complete nightmare to her. When she couldn't get through her husband's number, she panicked. What's worse, she had absolutely no clue about the destination of Edward's trip. At that moment, she swore to herself that she wouldn't let that happen ever again.

"I am in B Country right now. It's said to be one of the largest diamond producing countries. Have you ever been here before?" asked Edward with a wry smile on his face. He never thought Daisy could be so demanding. Edward always thought of her as a strong, independent and organiz

needed rest, so she wanted to end their talk and let him sleep.

"I am okay, honey. Talking to you never tires me." Edward meant it. If it weren't for Daisy, he would have already cut the conversation short and hung up the phone by now. His tender passion and patience were there only for Daisy.

"That's really sweet of you! If you aren't really tired, then I can go on talking with you endlessly and use your words as lullabies." Daisy hadn't been able to sleep last night, so she was just as tired as Edward. As they were talking, she reclined on the back seat of the car, continually struggling to keep her eyes open.

"I am sorry you didn't sleep well last night because of me, " said Edward apologetically. As a matter of fact, he didn't do all this on purpose. He knew Daisy must have been worried back home. As soon as he landed in B Country, he rushed to deal with a few emergencies. Once he was done, he quickly headed to the hotel. He knew he wouldn't be able to talk to her properly while he was on road. But he had no intention to leave her waiting.

"That's all right. I miss you, Edward. Please come back soon." Daisy wasn't used to expressing her feelings so openly; but with Edward, she didn't mind. She cared for him so much that sometimes she forgot the principles she set for herself.

"I miss you too. Don't worry, I will be home by tomorrow, " said Edward tenderly, his face lit up with happiness. When he heard Daisy said 'I miss you', he was immediately filled with a lot of energy and joy.

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