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   Chapter 643 Thank You For Coming (Part Four)

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After thinking for a while, Daisy then dialed Luke's number. "The subscriber you dialed is busy now, please dial later." The same busy signal came from his phone too. Daisy frowned, and she could no longer stay in her room. She got up and hurried to the study, opening the computer to find whether there was any latest report of air crash or terrorist attack, and so on. After surfing all the news websites, fortunately, she found that no such mishap happened. She felt a little relaxed. At least, Edward was safe. He might just be in a no signal zone, Daisy thought to herself.

A long night passed, Daisy could not fall asleep at all. She woke up with puffy eyes in the morning. Daisy went downstairs with ruffled hair and baggy eyes. She thought of having a simple breakfast before she could leave for work. Unfortunately, on her way to the dining room, she came across Jonathan, who was going out for some sports. Her weary and untidy look gave Jonathan a big shock.

"Good morning, Dad." Daisy was in no mood to look in the mirror after she got up. So, she did not know how she looked like at the moment. She was so confused and lost that she did not even understand why Jonathan could not endure to look at her straight.

"Hmmm. Morning. Don't work too hard. Daisy! Take care of yourself. See what you have become now, especially look at your eyes." Jonathan shook his head, frowning and walking out.

Daisy felt puzzled even now. She touched her face but couldn't understand what was wrong with it. 'What is wrong with my face?', Daisy thought to herself. Why did Jonathan suddenly come up with such a sentence to her?

"Mrs. Mu, come here. I have already prepared some breakfast for you." Mrs. Wu caught sight of Daisy and waved to her. If Daisy was at home, Mrs. Wu w

the ears to listen to it. But she did not say anything, probably because the call didn't get through. Sometimes, she stared out of the window silently.

"Mark, could you lend me your phone?" Daisy suddenly asked, stretching out her hands to the front seat.

"OK, here you are. Besides, is there anything wrong with your phone? May I take it to repair center later? " Mark said honestly, handing over his mobile phone to Daisy.

'I also think that it is not ringing because my phone is broken. " Daisy murmured, with her fingers dialing up the phone immediately. It was magical that this time the call finally got through. It made her more convinced that there was a problem with her mobile phone.

"Hey, Mark, it's me, Edward. Why are you calling me? Where is your Colonel?" Edward's familiar voice came from the phone. Daisy could sense a strong sense of tiredness in his voice which was mixed with a hint of tension.

"Edward, you're a liar." On hearing that familiar voice, Daisy could no longer keep her composure. The whole night of uncertainty and worry finally found a way to vent out. Daisy started to cry. She looked so dedicated and charming even when she was crying.

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