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   Chapter 642 Thank You For Coming (Part Three)

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"It seems that I have to lock the TV too, considering what all you have learnt from the TV, " Daisy said. And she immediately put her words into action by going ahead to turn off the TV that was on.

"Oh, no. To be or not to be, that is a question. Mom, is it wrong to be honest? I just told you the truth!" Justin pitifully looked at the black screen, speechless.

"There is nothing wrong in telling the truth itself. The point is that the TV content is not suitable for kids like you." Daisy did not worry that Justin would turn bad watching this. However, she just wanted to tell him what kind of TV shows he could see and what kind of things were not suitable for kids of his age.

"Mom, it seems that there are also a few drawbacks of you being with Mr. Mu for such a long time. Now, you have learnt more and more of his style, full of sophistry." He realized that he should not have spoken anything. All he said was mistaken. The last time, he was banned from using the computer, and this time, even the TV was forbidden. Woo. Were there any more happy things left in his life? Without computer! Without TV! It was hard to imagine his future life without these fun things!

"So, you have any other opinions?" Daisy asked, with her eyebrows raised doubtfully. Since they left the residential building at the military base, this little boy had become more and more lovely. He was no longer that little Justin with a cool face.

"No, no. How dare I?" Justin said. "However, as the old saying goes, there are always measures to counter. I am sure I can live just as happy as I am now."

rth in her hand several times, waiting for Edward's call. However, there was not a single text or call till now. Didn't Edward reach the destination yet? Or was he too busy to call her? But that's not what it's supposed to be! Edward said that he would call her as soon as he reached his destination. But it was also her fault as she did not ask him where he was going for the business trip and which flight he took. Otherwise, she could have checked his arrival time by the flight number, instead of waiting like that.

Tossing and turning for a while, Daisy still felt nervous as she could not lie on the bed with ease. She sat up, procrastinating for a few seconds whether she should call Edward first or not. Finally, she decided to act proactive this time and dialed Edward's number. But all she heard was a busy signal. It was an abnormal phenomenon. In case Edward was still on the plane, the answer should be, "The subscriber you dialed is switched off". Since she heard a busy signal, it made her feel more anxious and nervous. How could it be busy?

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