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   Chapter 641 Thank You For Coming (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5326

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"For many years, I have chased fame, money, reputation and other monetary gains. I got a lot and even lost a lot in the past. And then, I realized that what I really want the most is you, Daisy. But I could never have you. So, I could not figure out if there was anything else that was worthwhile for me to go after?" Hero sighed. He fixed his eyes on Daisy, with deep love and wordless resignation. In his eyes, Daisy's beautiful face looked even more charming than what he had retained in his memory. Hero cherished the moment he had with Daisy and could not take away his eyes even for a second.

"Have you ever thought in your mind that maybe I'm just one object that you wish to conquer? Perhaps there are no other emotions involved in this. In other words, you might think that you love me, but maybe that ain't your real feeling." Daisy tried to help Hero understand his real feeling. In comparison to the previous fierce sense of resistance that she got when she was held as a hostage, Daisy now became much calmer. She was now able to analyze Hero's behavior in a much rational way.

"I also thought about it once. Maybe I want you so badly because I could not conquer you. However, last time, when I found out that you were seriously injured, I suddenly realized that I actually underestimated your influence on me. My feeling is not related to any kind of conquer, but to love." Hero moaned, like a wounded wolf roaring in a low voice. And his sadness also expressed his failure in getting Daisy's love.

"Thank you for your love, but I can only say sorry to you. Because I love my

t soup and various other nutritious food items again! Daisy had eaten a lot of that food last time when she was injured. One more time now? Oh, no. Besides, she was only a few pounds less in weight. It was not so horrible as what Cynthia said just now.

"Yes, Mom. You indeed need some more nutrition. You know, chubbiness is a strong quality for a woman. And all men love it. So, now you understand how Grandma wishes to help you keep dad's heart! " Little Justin talked like an adult. His words surprised Daisy.

"Little Justin, " said Daisy, "tell me, who taught you all this? Or where did you learn all this from?" Daisy wondered. She had locked the computer and iPad. And she really did not know from where Justin had learnt all these messy thoughts?

"From where? Does this thing need to be learnt? Isn't that what all TV series on TV depict? Nearly all TV series have such a stupid plot. It is not difficult to know that. " Little Justin laughed. His mom was too busy to watch TV series. Thus, she did not know what was popular in the society now.

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