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   Chapter 640 Thank You For Coming (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6132

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"Honey, people don't praise someone like that." Edward felt speechless. It seemed that Daisy practiced all the things she had learnt in the past on him.

"Is there anything wrong?" asked Daisy. Daisy was not as comfortable as Edward was. Let's look at Edward. He was leaning on the chair comfortably, making a phone call with Daisy. How about Daisy? Daisy had to focus on the documents that Hank just gave to her. Simultaneously, she also had to spare part of her attention to talk to Edward.

"Forget it, I should not be so serious with you. It is me who always compromises at last. By the way, I have to go abroad for some urgent business later, " Edward replied. He lifted his hand to look at the time on his watch, to know how much time he still had to talk to Daisy before he left for his business trip. The decision of going abroad was made just now. This decision was made in a rush because those urgent cases could only be solved by Edward. So, he had no other choice but to go there himself and take care of the matters.

"What? What about the performance of the new weapons? You're not going to be around for the performance, right?" On hearing this, Daisy finally stopped her reading, with her eyebrows knitting together in a little frown.

"Don't worry! I will come back on time to participate in the performance. But in comparison to the performance, I think, you should care more about me, shouldn't you?" Edward said. Just then he stood up, as Anna came in again, pointing at the watch to remind him that it was time to go.

"Then, will you make me worry? " Daisy did not answer Edward's question, but rather asked him a new question. It was impossible for her to say that she wouldn't be worried about Edward. However, Daisy really did not want to let her fears become another pressure for him. Therefore, instead

right or not. I could only reassure myself by seeing you with my own eyes. Anyway, it seems that you are much better than I expected you to be." This had always been Hero's aspiration truly from the bottom of his heart. His desire became more intense when he saw Jessica was badly disfigured. He could not help but feel worried and even scared for Daisy. He did not know whether Daisy also got injured just as badly as Jessica who had her face full of scars. He felt so sad every time he thought about that scene and was eager to see Daisy face to face to ensure that she was safe. That's why Hero insisted on seeing Daisy.

"So, now you have seen me. Anything else that you want to tell me? Anything about why you've taken all the blame on yourself? " Daisy asked. She was not a sensitive person. Her insensitivity was mainly because of the environment she grew up in and the military training that she received all these years. However, Daisy could still feel whether others were sincere to her or not. Such was the case with Hero. Daisy knew that Hero's care for her was real and so she also had some sympathy for him. Hence, she wanted to know the real reason why Hero did that. She wished to help him, if possible.

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