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   Chapter 639 A Visit to the Cemetery (Part Two)

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"I don't care if you believe it or not. I'm the one who benefits the most from the knowledge anyway. There is no need to argue with you over this." Edward gave a soft smile and tucked Daisy's windblown hair behind her ear. Although he had done this countless times before, the action always moved Daisy every time.

"Can you tell me what makes you so sure that the little girl was me?" Daisy couldn't help becoming curious about it. Edward never mentioned the matter before. Even when they went to K City a while back, he didn't hint anything about this.

"I found a photo album in Justin's backpack. It was filled with photos of your childhood. The little girl in the photos is just as beautiful as the image I have kept in my memory for many years." Edward didn't hide the emotions he had kept hidden in his heart for so long. The girl from his memory turned out to be Daisy. The fact excited him to no end.

"You can't come to the conclusion that I'm that girl just from a few old photos." Daisy confirmed Edward's words step by step. She knew very well that the higher she raised her hopes, the more disappointed she would be. She didn't dare to get too excited before she was absolutely certain.

"And the pet name Jasmine. That should be enough to dispel your doubts." Edward frowned. Daisy was very confident in everything else. But why was she always so suspicious when it came to him? In his opinion, this wasn't a good thing.

"So you really did say 'Jasmine' that day. I thought I had misheard you." Daisy stopped questioning Edward's certainty. Her pursuit in the past hadn't been in vain. It turned out that Edward fell in love with her a long time ago as well.

"Yeah. I knew that you weren't smart enough, but I didn't expect that I could fool you so easily. You're as innocent and pure as a child in front of me. I like it." Edward ignored Justin's presence and gathered Daisy emotionally into his arms. Justin displayed a large smile on his face without making a sound. He basked in the happy moment that his parents shared in front of him.

The presentation of the new weapons would proceed as scheduled. Since Kevin was training overseas, Daisy w

e past few days. To save time, she just slept in the residential building at the base. She had originally planned to go home tonight to comfort her husband who seemed aggrieved lately, but Edward unexpectedly called her himself.

"So you do know it." Edward didn't call to blame Daisy. He just wanted to tell her that he had to go abroad for a business trip for a couple of days.

"Yes. I'm your wife. I know it clearly." After staying with Edward for long, Daisy found that she had become quite cheeky. She didn't know if it was a good thing.

"Good to hear that. Do you know how many days you have been away from home?" Edward felt wronged. He knew that being in the military was difficult, but he didn't expect how tough it was to be a colonel's husband.

"It has been four days by now. But you dropped by once. Can you cross one out from my charges?" Daisy started to miss Justin. She was so busy that she didn't have time to think about things outside work.

"I have no objections if you don't feel ashamed." Edward grinned. Daisy knew Edward well enough to bargain with him. She knew that he wouldn't get angry from her teasing.

"Why would I feel ashamed? I am with the most shameless man in the world and he is such a good teacher. I have much to learn from him." Daisy enjoyed teasing Edward lately. It was fun to tease him when she knew he wouldn't get angry and had no chance to retaliate against her. He had taught her well.

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