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   Chapter 637 We Are Family (Part Three)

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The Mayfly was neither a righteous nor an evil organization, so it was difficult to evaluate its existence at this time. But as long as it did not threaten the interests and peace of the country, it played a certain role in society. For now, Daisy decided to wait and see before making further judgments about the Mayfly. After all, it was not surprising that such an organization existed. It was just a matter of how people perceived it.

"Don't worry. We'll know the answer soon enough, " Cynthia replied, patting Daisy on the shoulder. She always thought that her daughter-in-law was too thin. Especially after the injury, Daisy looked thinner now. The first time she saw her, she was in high and vigorous spirits. But now, she was quite different. It seemed that she was in need of Mrs. Wu's nutritious cooking.

"Well, I'm in no hurry." Daisy smiled lightly, maintaining a calm demeanor. Although she was a little curious about the surprise, she didn't insist on finding out more about it now. She was convinced that since it was a surprise, it would definitely be a good thing. There was no need to think about it so much.

But she did not expect that Jonathan would give her a wonderful present when she nearly gave up bringing Yakira to justice for her crimes. Jonathan had the inspection records of her mother's car accident, with photographic evidence attaching to the documents. Moreover, the photos placed Paul Du at the scene. With so much evidence against her, Yakira was sent to prison again. And this time, she could never be released in her lifetime. Although Daisy felt sorry for Brian, she needed to avenge her poor mother.


ay, she neglected her mother's expectations and did not live as her mother had wished. Fortunately, she lowered her pride and gave Edward a chance. They could live happily today.

Now, she cherished this hard-earned happiness very much. Not only for her own sake, but also for her mother's ardent wishes, she wouldn't allow herself to live in a horrible life. She needed to live happily as her mother wished for her. This would be the best gift she could give her mother.

As for Leo, she did not want to forgive him. Even though he was already alone, the hatred she felt for him was a kind of deeply rooted resentment that she couldn't let go. Maybe one day, she would be able to forgive him and not hold onto his mistakes anymore. But that was nearly impossible. However, she was not a cold-blooded animal, so she would never hinder anyone around her from contacting him. This was the only thing that she would do for him. If he wanted to repair their relationship, it would be very difficult. After all, they didn't have a mediator that would provide the opportunity to help her forgive him.

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