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   Chapter 635 We Are Family (Part One)

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"Well, I shouldn't have expected anything from you. Daisy, I'd better get back to the hospital now. I need to prepare for the operation this afternoon, " said Tom. Since he was used to Edward's oppressive behavior towards him, he wasn't affected by his sharp tongue at all. He just promptly picked up the medicine box.

"Are you leaving now? It's almost time for lunch. Why don't you have lunch here before you go back to the hospital?" Daisy asked. After ensuring that Daisy's wound was healing nicely, Tom was eager to leave. While Edward took his help for granted, Daisy was a little embarrassed. After all, they had troubled Tom for a long time without even thanking him. They couldn't let him leave without showing their gratitude.

"No, I'll have lunch after I return to the hospital. I'm afraid that if I eat in front of him, I would lose my appetite. If I don't have enough energy, it will affect the operation in the afternoon. That will be horrible for the patient, " Tom answered.

Tom shot a meaningful look at Edward. Obviously, he was referring to him. Actually, he really needed to get back to the hospital now. It wasn't related to Edward at all. He was only saying that to get Daisy's sympathy.

"Good! Tom, I haven't abandoned you, but you're abandoning me first. It seems that you've gained a lot of courage these days."

Edward said the words one by one through gritting teeth, narrowing his eyes quietly at Tom. Although Edward currently looked calm, people who were familiar with him knew that the expression on his face meant that he was in a bad mood. If they didn't quickly escape, the consequences would be dire for them. At the sight, Tom hurriedly walked out of the room without waiting for Edward to finish talki

ully recovered yet." Edward looked at her anxiously and began to regret not agreeing to her request. If he had, would she not be in such a hurry to go back to work?

"It's fine. I just need to deal with some paperwork. There aren't any special tasks to come out recently, so you don't need to be worried, " Daisy reassured him. Speaking of work, Daisy felt a little guilty towards Leena. During this time, there was a special training ongoing abroad. It was her turn to go to the training. But because of her injury, Kevin had to take her place instead. Because of this, he didn't have time to spend with Leena.

"It's good that you know I'm worried. No matter what, I hope you will value your own life above all else. I'm most insistent on this point. I hope that for me, you will take good care of yourself, " Edward said seriously.

His eyes dimmed a little. How would he be naive enough to believe that she would only handle regular documents once she went back to the military base? There should be all kinds of training waiting for her! But it was her job, and he couldn't interfere too much. He could only plead with her to take good care of herself.

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