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   Chapter 634 She Is My Sister (Part Two)

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Yakira glared at the photo in his hand, eyes full of hate. Until this moment, she finally knew clearly that not only had she lost to Grace in the eyes of Leo, she had also lost to the daughter of that woman in his son's eyes. This was a fact that she didn't want to accept no matter what.

"If you want to embarrass yourself so much, I can't stop you. To me, this photo is way more important than you." Brian snorted. He wasn't throwing off the responsibility of being her son. It was because what his mother had done totally disappointed him. For the life of him, he really couldn't care less about the mommy card when facing her.

"Why? Brian, I'm your mother!" If there was anything that could take the wind out of Yakira's sails, it would be her shattered relationship with Brian.

"Do I have to remind you of what you've done? You know, damn you! How come you think you still have the right to call yourself a mother?"

Brian raised his voice a little, probably because he was quite agitated. He then gently closed his eyes for a moment. His heart was bleeding, slowly but steadily. He really wanted to be a good son if possible, and he also wanted a close relationship with his mother like everyone else. But cruel reality forced him to bow his proud head.

"You know, you know everything. That's why you hate me so much, right? You don't think that I deserve to be a mother, right? But if I hadn't done what I did, do you think you would still be here now disrespecting me? No! You wouldn't even be born!"

Yakira stumbled, face pale, staring at Brian, a trace of sadness starting to show on her face.

"I really wish I hadn't been born. Honestly. Every time I remember that I was born at the cost of the blood of others, my heart get cold. Do you really care about my feelings, for once?" He then carefully put the photo in the drawer. His eyes were sad, but what he felt more was guilt.

"If I tell you that it is just an accident, would you still hate me so much?" Yakira's lips trembled, and she fell onto the edge of the bed, looking up at Brian, hoping he would give her his hand.

"Accident? How convenient! Didn't you sabotage the car?" Brian was so indifferent. He glanced coldly at her, then finally looked at the window. Yakira killed Daisy's mother

Fortunately, there was a very rich sponsor backing him, or he couldn't afford all these.

"You are an outsider after all. Don't try to pretend that you're close to us." Edward's mouth was definitely the reason why it was always so easy for him to offend people. Every word he said just made people gnash their teeth in hatred. But they couldn't do anything about it because of his status. Tom had that same feeling of helplessness right now.

"If we're not close, then next time something happens, you won't need my help. We're not that close anyway." Tom glared at him, feeling annoyed with his smugness. He'd love to wipe that smile off his face.

"Don't worry! You always ask more from me than I do from you." Though Edward said these words, deep in his heart, he was really thankful for all the things Tom had done for Daisy. But there was no need to say 'thank you' between those two; they just engaged in playful banter as usual.

"Come on boss! Would it kill you to let me have the last word sometimes?" Tom couldn't understand why he was always the odd man out. It really came down to money. All of his experiments needed Edward's support after all. If Edward pulled the plug, then where would he turn for funding? So Tom could do nothing but back down from him every time.

"Yes, it would. Because the word 'lose' doesn't show up in my dictionary." Edward's eyes gleamed, he slyly looked deep into Tom's eyes for a second. But he returned to his calm, cold self, like he had never been any other way..

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