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   Chapter 633 She Is My Sister (Part One)

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"Okay, I won't hold back anymore. So be prepared to see all my shortcomings. You might not like what you find. I'll annoy you till you are sick of me." Brian buried his head in her neck to hide his reddened eyes because he was incredibly touched.

"That's not going to happen. Because all this time, you never upset me. So how could you even annoy me?" Patting his back, Daisy's eyes were also a bit red. To be honest, she was willing to lose everyone in her original family except Brian. He was the only one that she didn't want to lose, because he was the only one who shared blood with her that she still cared for.

"Kid, you know you're making me a little jealous?" Edward's eyes were smiling, but his tone suggested otherwise.

"That's what I want. What, are you really that jealous? Come and bite me." Brian didn't move away from Daisy, and he even pressed his face to hers, looking at Edward playfully.

"Huh! You must be in need of some tender loving care, given what's going on in your household. I'll lend my honey to you to hold for a while." Edward was wearing casual clothes. The neck of his shirt was a little low, showing his tight, fair muscles, making him look a bit wild and enticing.

"Lend? She's my sister. Watch your mouth, jerk! I won't warn you again." Brian was still clinging to Daisy without a care, again fighting with Edward. It seemed that this was their way of getting along. Because Daisy was caught between them, they would never get along well with each other. They were like Duke and Kevin, only Duke was obsessed with his younger sister while Brian was obsessed with his older sister.

"Don't forget that your sister is now my wife, the one who's going to be by my side for life. But you, you'll eventually belong to another woman in the future. So you tell me, who will win in the end?"

Edward didn't take the bait at all. His face was still relaxed, while his eyes glittered with spirit. With just a few words, he brutally crushed Brian's pride.

"So what? I'm her only brother. While husband... husband can be swapped out at any time. Lots of women treat their husbands like potato chips -- they can't have just one." Brian only felt dejected for a second. Then he quickly struck back. He didn't know the reason, but he always felt happy when seeing Edward at a loss for words.

"Brian, are you trying to

terrible monster? Why in hell was there a photo of Daisy in her own house? Why did her own son keep her photo in his room like she was some kind of saint? She couldn't accept this no matter what.

"What are you doing? Also, who told you that you could be in my room?" Brian glanced coldly at Yakira, eyes full of fury and nothing else. His eyes fell on the photo frame that she had smashed in her anger, giving off a frozen aura.

"Brian, you... you're back." Yakira raised one hand to fix her hair, which had gotten messy because of her rage. She looked at her son in surprise. She didn't think that he'd be back this soon. Not only was she freaking out, she also held a slight grudge against him.

"I said, what the hell are you doing?" Brian asked, frowning. His voice was stern and cold. Yakira had never seen such a cold side of him, so she couldn't help but shiver.

"I..." Yakira moved her feet belatedly, too awkward to answer his question. It wasn't a very good feeling to be caught red-handed.

"To be honest, your behavior is disgusting. It's just a photo, why get angry over that? You've gone off the deep end." Brian walked closer step by step, then bent down to pick up the photo, but got cut by the broken glass. However, he didn't say anything, just silently drew a few tissues from the napkin dispenser to wipe the dirt off the photo. He frowned, not caring what Yakira thought at all.

"You said yourself that it was just a photo, then why do you care so much? So your mother isn't as important as a photo? You're the one with mental issues."

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