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   Chapter 632 Seeing Is Believing (Part Two)

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"Don't be mad. I'm leaving. But before I go, give me the password." Paul shrugged his shoulders, hoping against hope that his cousin wouldn't be too angry to take the bank card back.

"Just go. Get out. Never let me see you again." Yakira found that her maternal dignity had been ruined and was gone completely. How could she stand in front of Brian and call him son?

"You're crazy." Paul got out of her car in a hurry to avoid further provoking her. This woman could be more terrifying than a villain if she went insane. So, he decided to disappear before it was too late.

Yakira didn't care what Paul thought. She started the engine and pulled away before Paul could stand up outside the car and say goodbye. She disappeared down the street, while Paul cursed and screamed.

The city was enveloped in a curtain of darkness and some stars were twinkling in the sky. Brian pulled over beside the Mu Family's villa. After some hesitation, he got off the car. He leaned against the car door, and stared at the grand house standing before him. Honestly speaking, he was ashamed of knocking at the door and getting inside. However, he was engulfed by worry and remorse. So he drove his car here before he knew it.

He blinked and his loneliness was replaced quickly by his usual optimism. He took a deep breath, smiled with self-mockery, opened his car door and was about to leave, ready to head back home.

"What's wrong? Come on in, " said Edward, smiling wryly, hands in his pockets and leaning against the wall lazily. He looked at Brian, intrigued.

"Is Daisy all right?" Brian stopped and asked timidly. Although he had been informed what happened to Daisy, he was also discouraged from coming over and visiting her, especially after his father was refused by the Mu family. He wasn't sure whether he would be kicked out of this villa or not. Anxious and worried as he was, he was too ashamed to knock at the door, after all Daisy's suffering and accident were deeply involved with himself.

"Seeing is believing. Come on, you can come inside. Don't be shy, " said Edward. His mouth twisted darkly. He turned round and walked to the villa without looking back at Brian. He knew Brian would surely follow him and come inside.

Brian hesitated, debating whether it was a good idea to visit Daisy or not. At last, his worry and love towards Daisy won over his shame and timidity. He got in the car, stared

because it came from the same blood flowing in their veins.

"Sis, I felt ashamed when you thanked me, " said Brian, embarrassed and sad. He knew that he was in no position to be thanked by Daisy. Although he didn't hurt Daisy personally, the perpetrator was closely related to him by blood. He didn't deserve forgiveness.

"Brian, I know you better than you think, and I'm a reasonable woman. So don't blame yourself for what you didn't do. It's not your fault. You're my only brother no matter what happens."

Daisy stretched her hand and fondled Brian's hair. If there was anything in Ouyang Family worth her memories, it was Brian. Nothing else mattered to her anymore.

"Daisy, don't you hate me for all your suffering and pain?" said Brian bitterly. Then, he raised his head and saw the comforting glance from Daisy. When he noticed the bandage tied around Daisy's head, his heart trembled with remorse and shame again.

"Have you done anything to me that you should apologize for? Or, have you done anything that hurt me?" asked Daisy, observing Brian's face carefully.

"No, I haven't. I would never do that to my sister, " Brian blurted out before he was interrupted again.

"Then, you shouldn't feel ashamed. I don't like this kind of weird relationship between brother and sister. We should be closer. You're too hesitant, and it's gonna make us feel embarrassed and drive us further apart."

Daisy knew Brian's worries and his unusual sensitivity. However, she never refused her brother nor blamed him for anything. On the contrary, she almost felt sorry for what had happened to him.

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